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Weight Issues


Posted by Jess @ 02/22/2004 07:15 PM GMT-8
HOLY  SHIT  im finally  back on aol......... its  been like a month... umm  so much  has been going  on work: ok  well  i  was  on  cash  control for  like  3 weeks  i  think  caz i  was ...

Posted by stupid stuff @ 02/20/2004 09:13 PM GMT-8
im very sick
i found out today that i have asma and numonia! it sucks because i have this inhaeler thing that helps me breath when im choking or sumting. i have a lot of mucus in my lungs, thats the bacterial numonia. does anyone no anything that i cant do because of my azma please tell me. later.

Posted by zoidberg @ 02/15/2004 02:53 PM GMT8
Almost everybody in Shanghai can speak Shanghaiese, usually its only spoken betwen friends or family though.  In most situations, Mandarin is used. Its a strange sounding language.  Unique sounding, to try to describe it, i would say it sounds a bit like, French, Japanese & even...

Posted by Rachelles Journey @ 02/10/2004 09:37 PM GMT-8
Hi All- Today seemed to be a hard day with watching what I ate-I started out good but, then bombed the rest of the day lol. Anyway I know tomorrow is another day-I hope that everyone has a blessed night. Rachelle

Posted by Stormee59 @ 02/08/2004 11:06 PM GMT-6
The Journey Begins
A little about me~~ I'm 44, married for almost 21 years, mother of one son 17 years old going on 35. I have been a career Optician, 21 years, with a very sedentary lifestyle. My lifestyle is mostly to blame on my Left knee. I injured it when I was 16, had surgery the first time when I was 18 and...

Posted by Fat like us @ 02/05/2004 10:24 AM GMT-6
Another snowy day
It's snowing again!  If this keeps up, we will break our record for depth of snow on the ground.  Not a record I really want to surpass.  Again, I bowed out of work, cause I am a wieny.  Oh well.  But I feel vindicated, cause I have watched several vehicles attempt my hill...

Posted by GothicCandy-Rants @ 01/20/2004 04:57 PM GMT-6
Retarted computer...
Grr.  My fucking computer is retarded.  As in apathetic, crawling, creeping, dawdling, delaying, deliberate, dilatory, disinclined, dreamy, drowsy, easy, gradual, heavy, idle, imperceptible, inactive, indolent, inert, lackadaisical, laggard, lagging, lazy, leaden, leisurely, lethargic,...

Posted by 2004'Love @ 01/16/2004 01:11 PM GMT5
aiyoh, what am i in for
hey, saw him todae, argh, his frens were like keep lookin at me lor, stupid leh, dey are veh curious as to how i slim down soo much in such a short period of time, dey were lik in awe lor, while he like veh cool like tat, stupid me. I overheard them sae, " see! see her arms like so slim now"...

Posted by Cowboy's Blog @ 01/08/2004 09:55 AM GMT-6
Took Abbi to Kid Med.
took abbi to kid med and they said abbi was doin' good. left here about 9:00 a.m., her app. was at 9:30 a.m.

Posted by HereWeGoAgain @ 01/07/2004 09:23 AM GMT-6
Last night I burned 500 calories on cardio (in 40 minutes) before I lifted on upper body. I had a good workout and then went and ate at a Chinese restaurant. I've already nibbled on some no-no's today (it's not even 10:00 a.m. yet).Shit.


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