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Weight Issues


Posted by MeanderingMike @ 05/04/2013 12:32 PM GMT-5
Being Anonymous
Well, I just checked, and the last time I used this site was TEN years ago. I guess the best part is that I can write whatever I want and nobody will ever see this, because nobody knows it exists. Nothing like having a private diary out there for the public to see. Accordingly, here's my new...

Posted by Blog by Knight @ 07/18/2010 07:34 AM GMT-8
An open letter to all the delinquents at the park
Dear teenage punks, Why do you have to be that way? I have two teens myself and neither of them go to your place of leisure and mark up your world with graffiti and trash-do they? No they don't. Didn't your mamas teach you to pick up after yourselves? What is up with all the trash laying around...

Posted by Revamping Jinx @ 06/21/2010 08:53 PM GMT-6
A New Chapter
It's been awhile. Or maybe, more accurately, a long time in coming. I decided last time I wrote that enough was enough. No more whining here. I can't stand the sound of it in my own head anymore, so I won't inflict it on anyone else anymore. Today, I did something I've wanted to do, meant to...

Posted by WeightQuest @ 03/11/2010 05:28 PM GMT-6
The first step
On the first day of ninth grade, I realized I was overweight.  I'm not a large girl, but no means am I small. Being 5'2 has always been a challenge in my quest to find appropriately fitting clothing.  Jeans that fit short girls, are made for small girls. Emily was my best friend sister....

Posted by Wanita Idaman @ 02/09/2010 08:42 PM GMT-8
DCL GREEN APPLE DIET TEA - "Slim & Healthy Produk terbaru dari DCL - Green Apple Diet Tea di  formulasi dari serat epal hijau, teh hijau dan aloe vera yang membantu mengawal dan mengurangkan berat badan. Ekstrak Epal Hijau : Ekstrak Buah Epal kaya dengan pelbagai vitamin, unsur surih...

Posted by Random Thoughts @ 01/02/2010 12:32 PM GMT-6
A New Story
"The Shepherd’s word touched Elijah’s heart. 'It is not difficult to rebuild a life, just as it is not impossible to raise Akbar from its ruins', the shepherd continued. 'It is enough to be aware that we go with the same strength that we had before. And to use that in our favour.' The man gazed...

Posted by Jus Diet Mate 5 @ 10/18/2009 09:40 AM GMT-8
Langsing bersama Jus Diet Mate 5
Jus Diet Mate 5 merupakan satu revolusi baru di dalam produk diet di mana formula yang ditemui begitu effektif di dalam mengatasi masalah kegemukan.5 formula hebat Jus Diet Mate ! Mengawal selera makan, menghalang pembentukkan lemak, mengurangkan pengambilan gula, meningkatkan kadar metabolisma...

Posted by somethinganyway @ 04/27/2009 08:51 AM GMT10
You. You lay on the carpet of the casino floor and pretended to be a butterfly, your wings spread wide in lush reds, greens and blues. A little splattering of truth and beauty amongst the monstrous decor; between the lies and falsehood. And so you flew; in the watery-thin splendour of the hotel...

Posted by driftingaway @ 03/01/2009 04:30 PM GMT-5
Is the opposite of proud disappointed or ashamed?  The difference is large.

Posted by PCOS LADY @ 01/29/2009 05:42 PM GMT-5
Hypopituitarism - effects pituitary hormones ...
Hypopituitarism – effects pituitary hormones … ~ The Discovery Channel’s Mystery Diagnosis series Reaired January 28, 2009 ~‘The Girl Who Couldn’t Wake Up” ~ Her Story; article/20081207/FEAT05/812070 332/1023 … (link deleted) ~ Mayo...


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