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Posted by chickityPolewhore @ 12/05/2003 03:23 AM GMT-5
This is for you Kristin.
Today is the first day that I have written in my log in a while.

Posted by cricket @ 11/05/2003 02:52 PM GMT-6
Puppies 4 1/2 Weeks Old
The puppies are now 4 1/2 weeks old and eating puppy food well.  3 of them are already sold, and will be going to their new homes before Thanksgiving.

Posted by Lakhesis @ 10/27/2003 12:21 PM GMT10
Mostly a success...
The weekend of Domestic Bliss was mostly a success. We got alot of stuff done, though alot remains. Not a drop was drunk until last night either, and even then I only had 2 gin and tonics. Very proud. Pat me on the proverbial. I'm surprised that I managed to spend so much time a) in the house and...

Posted by Blog Wakidjo @ 10/06/2003 11:36 PM GMT7
Listrik Meninggal
Form yang diminta sama big boss untuk dibawa ke Makasar dan klar. Dah bikin bagus - bagus .. sesuai dengan form yang ada di SSCi. Eeeee..minta disederhanakan saja. Soalnya biar yang ngisi juga nggak repot. Dah beres ... dan bikin yang kosong dan yang terisiWaduh ... gawat .. listrik meninggal. kali...

Posted by Rhino Report @ 10/01/2003 03:47 PM GMT-8
A worm strikes! Arggg! Another delay! Hang tight.
Greetings everyone! Another challenge coming at us here! We were completely ready to go this morning and noticed that the site was running really slow. We thought that it was our servers in Ohio but it actually was becuase of a worm that hit the Sprint internet network, system...

Posted by Lion of Night @ 09/26/2003 07:49 AM GMT-5
A man divided...
Xanga over there, blogdrive over here...I can't keep everyone happy. Why should I even try?Recap from Xanga: Been in pain, likely fibromyalgia. Been to acupuncture, too expensive. Health insurance doesn't cover Eastern medicine. Fuck.If you have to work for someone else, I'd say my company is...

Posted by lyric @ 09/22/2003 07:43 PM GMT-5
Dear Readers...I am your Luck.
'Ello All.If your Reading Lyric's Blog..You have mental Problems.I am Kathryn the Blog remaker.i will help Lyric and Try to keep him under wraps.i will try my Hardest to make this Blog enjoiable to Females as it is Lyrics Job to Keep the Male population Happy.You can really tell the differnt...

Posted by ThisisBluelife? @ 09/17/2003 05:17 PM GMT-5
I figure if someone is gana sercfh for you on the webm, at least make it so they find you! I look for freinds from my past and what do i get, jack shit. Damned it be.

Posted by Entries @ 08/19/2003 03:44 AM GMT3
Dont come here anymore..
My constant yapping on things that bother me, I'm going to quit. Dont come here anymore..


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