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Posted by ayurveda blog @ 07/04/2005 10:41 AM GMT5.5
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Posted by Salem's Window @ 08/16/2004 01:02 AM GMT-5
I don't shine like I used to...
Take me     Break me     Shake me     Make me     Watch me fake this     Watch me break you Broken like me    &nbs p;Take me to the beautiful   &nb sp; Kill...

Posted by AngelsMemories @ 05/28/2004 03:03 AM GMT-8
Today I am sad
Hello to all. I don't even know if anyone here reads this. I just know I can type a lot faster than writing. I guess this all started back at New Years. A... very... long story. Basically it all boils down to me telling lies, betrayal, cheating... anything bad I could do I did it. And now the...

Posted by Vagina Floss @ 05/02/2004 08:14 PM GMT2
HaNNaH's LaTesT SuRVeY
[ .01. ] first name: Tuesday {Grace}[ .02. ] middle name: Elohallia {Gwendolyn}[ .03. ] last name: Czirok {Henry}[ .04. ] nickname(s): Gracie, Satan, Meow, Gracelyn, etc etc etc. [ .05. ] gender: female[ .06. ] birthday: november 2, 1988[ .07. ] height: 5'7[ .08. ] hair color: brown. so dying it...

Posted by Welcome Children @ 03/21/2004 06:55 PM GMT-5
the 21st of the month of the march of the
Okay today was super cool. But last night I went to see: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Kick ass movie. It was pretty funny, specially with the whole jumping around half naked stoned part and the being bathed in the sink part. But i dont want to ruin the movie. It wasn't a funny movie,...

Posted by TyPexXxDeMoNoLoGy @ 03/11/2004 04:26 PM GMT-5
todays score: 7 to 7.thats satan spice 7 and jebus 7.dammit, the pens count as ONE thing, because the ERIN pen doenst count. at all. even if it did, it'd be part of the same argument-like-event.haha we do threaten to rape each other a lot. actually, no. i only say fuck you, i never threaten to rape...

Posted by Mindless Rambling @ 02/24/2004 06:56 PM GMT-5
a good night, the best in a long timea new friend turned me on to an old favouritenothing better than a dealer who's highbe high, convince them to buywhat's my drug of choice?well, what have you got?i don't go brokeand i do it a lotseems so sick to the hypocrite normrunning their boring drillsbut...

Posted by Shar @ 02/17/2004 01:18 PM GMT-7
My life as of now
Well Dad's still in Florida with his sister. Thank goodness it's been very peaceful here without him for the most part. I have my Utah license and any day now my national certificate should be here. Been working hard at the job search the last 2 days and I've already sent out a handful of resumes...

Posted by Diary of a Witch @ 01/28/2004 09:29 AM GMT-5
Witchy Baby Blanket
The pattern of the blanket itself doesn't matter as well as the color you pick for it.  Usually I ask the Mama what the room looks like and try to color code the blanket for the room.  The only thing that matters is that the size be 3' x 3.   While I'm crocheting (I'm a crocheter)...

Posted by Volkswoman @ 12/29/2003 01:30 AM GMT-3.5
Wierd Energy
Everyone I've talked to has had the most screwed up year ever. It seems that they are more aware of their surroundings and more senitive to everything. I feel it too, my life has never been so disorganized or corrupt. Friends are not friends but I will forgive them because I've been wierd this year...


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