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Posted by XWOJackKaine @ 11/09/2004 01:03 AM GMT-5
Why: RWA Tag Team Titles: Tag Team Match: Better Then You: Chris Copeland and Jack Kaine v ??? and ??? What: Rebirth Where: Better Then You Locker Room When: The night of Rebirth Who: Jack Kaine, Chris Copeland, Larry Mitchell (The RWA camera's open up inside the locker room of Better...

Posted by verdenarchives @ 10/14/2004 08:19 PM GMT-5
Council Decision
ON – Atlantia Gathered in a coral cave, seven of the eight clan elders had gathered to have a meeting concerning the new world, there were other races on the surface that had to know they were down here. “We all know why we are here; we need to decide if Triton is the one to be our voice on the...

Posted by waffle's blog @ 10/13/2004 01:25 PM GMT-6
I had a weird dream last night.What's weirder is that I desperately wish it was true.For some reason, I was talking to some guy that I don't even know on the phone. He probably doesn't exist, I never heard a name. For some reason he was telling me his problems, and I was offering him as much...

Posted by Tests @ 09/04/2004 03:13 PM GMT-8
Re: HTML errors~
Due to errors from blog i am forced to use the header for my own mischivious purposes and i opened a page just for this my other tests can be found at http://my666journal.blogdrive. com/

Posted by Szarburus Files @ 08/28/2004 06:48 PM GMT-5
Nothing much to report...
Yesterday was pretty uneventful...talked with Joey for a while. Had some strange dreams...Ra appeared, says he's going to try and get Bakura back, and he fears Set may be controlling Carrie. If that's true, I fear for Bakura. When Set got control of Malik...well my back still hurts, let's just say...

Posted by Runner's Life @ 08/23/2004 05:12 PM GMT-6
When Your World Crumbles
-April- Cyclops was sitting on the hood of the Mustang that Melfus gave him and Bri as a gift so many months ago.  A broad grin rests on his face as he speaks into the mouthpiece for his headset.  Giving him a direct connection to Bri, on the island some three miles or so off the...

Posted by Of Paper Flowers @ 08/20/2004 07:20 AM GMT-8
 Alice 19th should be in bookstores in two weeks!!! *dances happily*

Posted by Deep Thoughts @ 08/18/2004 11:13 PM GMT-6
ok... band camp inspires pain... currently watching some show on vh1... waiting on amy to get ready to go to the awesome band party(sarcasm)... anyways... I don't want to go  tonight... I just want to crawl into bed and go to sleep... just glad we're not trying to sing tonight, because I...

Posted by I Am the Warlus @ 08/16/2004 02:35 PM GMT-8
This Blog
Ola, eae pessoal blz??estou estreiando este blog me desejando muito susseso este blog e aonde vou contar todas historias de minha vida,aqui eu irei colocar colocar como comecei a adorar beatles e vou dizer mais sobre mim. este blog esta sendo quase totalmente dedicado aos beatlesdigamos que 70% e...

Posted by The Chalk Board @ 08/04/2004 08:53 PM GMT-5
I was thinking, which doesn’t happen must anymore. I’m excited. But on to what I was thinking about. Maybe someone still reads this steaming pile of shite, but I can’t see why anyone would want to. I reread…stuff, and most of the entries talk about boring things, like my life, and contain a lot of...


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