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Posted by Daily Dose @ 12/29/2006 09:41 AM GMT-5
You're really lucky
I'e been thinking about where I'm going to go to college a lot.  And, as much as I dont want to, where mike's going.  As much as i told him not to follow me, part of me wanted him to.  Thats why I put so much hope into rider.  But then he didnt like it.  and well, i really...

Posted by Sorry's ffx1 blog @ 12/18/2006 03:43 AM GMT1
15 hours
That's how long it took me to get the damn crown. people died for it and everything.also, hunting for mary, came across a pleasant surprise...

Posted by Angel's Shadows @ 09/14/2009 05:00 PM GMT-8
Sport, Chapter 4
Mme. Cartier squirmed in my grip, then gave up and tried a different tactic.  Going very still, she seemed to be entering meditation of some sort.  Apparently she wasn't aware of the protections I had woven into my aura through my own inner abilities to defend against magic.  She...

Posted by Ferrinshadik @ 08/20/2006 12:05 AM GMT-8
The Swordsman
When the dust settled, it was already over. No one had really been able to see anything through the cloud of dust the two men kicked up while they were fighting out there, but they'd all been smart enough not to try for a closer look. Men like that got to fighting, you never knew who else was...

Posted by Shadowlands_Adv @ 07/12/2006 07:58 AM GMT-5
Haven't played in soooo long......
I have almost forgotten how! I have forgotten what I was planning to do with my characters :( Been having a problem with my laptop lately - it doesn't want to run anything very graphics or memory intensive and just shuts off in the middle of it. So I finally got around to installing Ao on my...

Posted by S.T.A.R.S!!!! @ 06/13/2006 04:50 PM GMT-3
Una pagina para mi niņa
he decidido dedicar una entrada para hablar de alguien que ha marcado mi vida y que su marca la llevare por siempre. Jocy, niņa Ochi, vida mia. tantos nombres para decir lo mismo: "mi amor". Hace ya casi 4 aņos cuando te conoci, jamas imagine un dia como este. hace casi 4 aņos nunca imagine al...

Posted by *PKMN-ChRoNiClEs* @ 06/07/2006 01:13 PM GMT-6
A Fanfiction?
Yes, I am thinking about actually writing a full-fledge story on my pkmn adventures. But not just that, I do have a good story line for it and its mainly about Mewtwo. I guess it'll be somewhat of a love-story; if you want to call it that. It starts off with me as the protagonist but later switches...

Posted by i'm bored @ 05/30/2006 02:23 AM GMT8
Changing seasons... changing lives How easy it is to switch sides Yet somehow so hard to settle Turbulent as the clouds on a stormy day Angry as the seas caught in a wave There is no place safe enough a distance No place far enough to hide   Like a faithful shadow it lingers Tighter...

Posted by The Sparksmith @ 03/05/2006 04:20 PM GMT-5
well Erik finaly found agirl
well i finnaly found a girl its been like what sooo long but ya i found a girl . Her name is Ashley she is fuckign awesome wish i woulda met her sooner. she and I have soo much in common i met her online but meh she lives not too far away from my buddies appt. when im with her i feel awesome its...

Posted by EmilyAnn @ 11/25/2005 01:53 PM GMT-5
A work in progress
They say that Jesus loves you    and that He has "plans for your life" They say in the womb He formed you    that He has purpose in all of this strife He doesn't want much from you    just your body your soul and your mind It's not much to...


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