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Posted by AWOL Chingoo @ 06/24/2009 06:39 PM GMT-6
Summer Ramblings
It is super hot down here in Florida, which means we're staying inside where there is air conditioning as much as possible!   Here are the results of all this time inside... So, I was feeling all proud of Amyrillis' new mount when I get together with Pyr & Lill to work on some Moria...

Posted by damien @ 05/02/2009 11:46 AM GMT2
Eğer hala blog okuyan kaldıysa (ben okumuyorum ya kimse okumamalı -.- ); http://yor umyapmadanduramiyorum.blogspot .com/ adresinde olacağım. yaklaşınca çağrı bırakın ben inerim..

Posted by Deus Absconditus @ 02/15/2009 11:47 AM GMT-8
Dirty Little Secrets
Once I had been told that I never view people as people, but as experiments. Is there truly anything wrong with this reasoning? By doing so, I keep myself at a distance, simply so I can indulge in my curiosities of what makes people tick. Recently, another one of my experiments was brought home and...

Posted by BeautyInDarkness @ 10/29/2008 01:35 AM GMT8
Fairytale Ending
~Fairytale Ending~Written: October 28, 2008, 01:28amI'm not a damsel in distressneeding a knight to save me.Nor am I a trapped princesswaiting for my prince to rescue me.But I feel like I'm so easilyswept right off my feet.Sweet words and a kind personalitywould be enough to woo me.So I'm...

Posted by chibigarrett @ 04/19/2008 07:41 AM GMT-5
Growing up with Grand Theft Auto
Spring 1998  I was 10 years old.  Moved to a new area, started at a new school, made lots of new friends.  One of the first friends I made was a girl named Marquisha.  She was a tom-boyish black chick that, at the time, was heavily into skating and playing...

Posted by The Lair @ 10/12/2007 10:12 PM GMT-6
Y otra vez a alguien le toca elegir entre una vida mejor... y yo.

Posted by Stupid Nits!!!!! @ 06/17/2007 10:59 PM GMT-6
holy shit
holy shit man.... this was forever ago. cant believe how i used to be...shit happens though i reckon. although...macs are still the shit and ill probably get one for college.. haha. i love reading through these old entries... im not going to lie. there wont be a next time on here. life goes on......

Posted by Jedi Melayu @ 04/07/2007 10:05 AM GMT7
Gambar bugil Zana AF5
Assalamualaikum wbt. Wakakakaka.. korang kene tipu. Sini mana ada gambar bogel. Hish hotak lucah tol lah.. bawak bawak ler pikir masalah negara ke, apa ke.. Okey.. nak tengok gambar? Terus kan baca kebawah.. ada link tersembunyi untuk tengok gambar tuh. Ehehe.. Uh uh.. letih sesangat. Tempat...

Posted by Pockets @ 02/28/2007 04:55 PM GMT-6
It's not so easy...

Posted by Chingoo @ 01/03/2007 10:09 AM GMT-6
Posted this on my blog, but thought someone might still visit here too. . .


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