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Posted by Zone Neix Zone @ 10/22/2003 01:13 PM GMT-6
Hey there.
Hey there. My name is Noa.  Guess wat im gonna do on halloween?? I'm gonna hang-out w/ the gang here in our neighborhood (mine, neal's, and ian's) and go scare little kids! Yay!! lol....or we could go to Hy-vee and buy tons of food, or we could do both and then go do some other fun...

Posted by The Last Paladin @ 10/21/2003 04:19 PM GMT7
Pangalaman Para Mitra
Ieu pangalaman sobat kuring, ayeuna geus almarhum, etang-etang panineungan pangalamanana di pidangkeun, muga di hampura sagala dosana sareng di tampi iman islamna. Kieu caritana... Waktu ka ondangan ka Guru Jarkasih di Kaum, Ki Sobat dahar sop mani raos, di kuah. Ninggang aya nu ngajetruk disangka...

Posted by The Feathered Rat @ 10/19/2003 10:33 PM GMT-6
KV's monster
Part of the "Zombie Plague" campaign:When you suceed in raiding the Crazy Doc's you find in the Doc's journal that the Doc has been doing strange things.1. He has been visited frequently by a stranger- whom you suspect is none other than Karloth Valois himself2. That Zombie plague is airborne-...


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