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Posted by The Mirrow @ 01/12/2004 12:38 PM GMT-3
Me Mude!!!!!!!!!
Hola ^^. Debo decir antes que nada que me cambie de direccion=White ForestCambien sus Links y direcciones por que de ahora en mas posteo alli oO

Posted by Princess @ 01/02/2004 06:17 PM GMT-5
Quiz Time!
(1) What is your name? Keonye G. Golding (2) Are you happy with it?I don't think it reflects my personility (5) Your screen name: BronxPrincezz101 (6) Would you name a child of yours after you? probably not..but maybe..not as a first name though (7) Then what would you name your children?...

Posted by DiStAnToNe @ 01/01/2004 01:40 AM GMT-6
The past #1
You are probably wondering... what has made my life so dark... well for that question... I can give a bit of insite Age - 1day... April 26, 1981 ... I am born... yet I have a birth defect that says I am to be deaf, dumb, and blind Age - 3 months - ... miracle of miracles... I am cure of...

Posted by Becca Ann @ 10/23/2003 10:55 PM GMT-6
Today is thursday! and i havent been really consistant with this little blog thingy! oh well tuesday was another half day it was ok me and lindsey went up to albertsons and got some make-up then we were off to kias party...which was pretty fun! wednesday me and lindsey hung out for a while with a...

Posted by frozen hell fire @ 08/19/2003 10:30 AM GMT-8
severe loss
At four this morning one of my best friends Cody got shot in the neck and died from loss of blood it was a drive-by and in the process he had shot four other people don't expect to see it on the news cause we requested that it wouldn't but my lawyer just got me out from behind bars about one hour...


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