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Posted by Insane Ramblings @ 07/12/2005 10:57 PM GMT-6
Oh My God!!! I totally almost blew up my poor papa's van tonight! I was driving to work and as I was pulling into the parking lot it started making grinding noises and was smoking so I parked and called mom and papa and when he came up to look at it he said if I hadn't of parked then it would have...

Posted by aHaHa_L0s312 @ 09/27/2004 03:56 PM GMT-8
Okay, so i re-read all my past entries...I sure did feel stupid reading them all again. Not only was it annoying to read becase of all the Us, Ys, and CUZs, but also because of the things that I put down. At certain moments, I felt so hypocritical and one more thing..Why the deuce did I say that I...

Posted by Ill catch you @ 07/20/2004 12:59 AM GMT-5
well today..basically yesterday since its 12:55 i went over stefis house at 3:00..and then i hung out at her house for like 2 hours..then we went to the movies with bridget kim & avani...we saw white was funny..i thot it was a cool movie..then after the mall we walked around the...

Posted by Punishment @ 05/18/2004 01:20 PM GMT-7
Nos dumped me. I still sorta can't believe it. The day before graduation and he dumped me. I realize I wasn't the best boyfriend ever, and I'm sorta spazzy and emotional and high maintenance...but thats just the person I am. I've been more spazzy and emotional lately because of the stress of...

Posted by realmofdd2005 @ 05/08/2004 11:31 AM GMT-6
HOLY CRAP!!!!! i havent been here in so frickin long......... March 20 was my last entry and now its May 8.... dang..... so much has changed...... have a car..... renewed my license... turned 17.... finally got my deck to near perfection... and i got a mirror force ^^. um... i have a job...

Posted by NoOne @ 04/22/2004 11:43 AM GMT-6
5 months and 5 days!
Wow...It has been 5 months and 5 days since my last entry.  It seems like its been a week and I can't believe that so much has happened to me since then.  It's making me think about what life really is about.  I've had great times and I've had down right shitty times but they all...

Posted by Poker Blog @ 02/02/2004 09:12 AM GMT-8
Well, it's not EVERYwhere...
The Sunday comics had a Texas Holdem gag, which I thought was pretty cool. That means that Joe Public understands enough about Holdem to be able to tell that the two cards mean the characters are playing holdem, that the two aces are clearly the best hand and that the character's eyes falling...

Posted by afterthestorm @ 01/28/2004 08:19 PM GMT-5
tonight i went online and shannon told me all i needed to know about some stuff for lit. that i didn't have notes on. shes awesome--what a lifesaver!!! *thanks shannon* =] then i called mandi and we quizzed each other and we both know everything really well..hopefully we'll do better than last time...

Posted by The Mirrow @ 01/12/2004 12:38 PM GMT-3
Me Mude!!!!!!!!!
Hola ^^. Debo decir antes que nada que me cambie de direccion=White ForestCambien sus Links y direcciones por que de ahora en mas posteo alli oO

Posted by Princess @ 01/02/2004 06:17 PM GMT-5
Quiz Time!
(1) What is your name? Keonye G. Golding (2) Are you happy with it?I don't think it reflects my personility (5) Your screen name: BronxPrincezz101 (6) Would you name a child of yours after you? probably not..but maybe..not as a first name though (7) Then what would you name your children?...


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