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Posted by Mi ViDa LoCa @ 01/30/2004 10:42 PM GMT-8
To DA MaLo
HeY dErE chIcKa!! WeLL, I FiGuReD DiS OuT....ALL By MySeLf. ImA BIG gIrL NOw. LoL JuSt KnOw DaT "I LOVE YOU!!" TeeHee i CaNt WaIt To See Da mOvEE ToMoRRoW...HaHa. AnD DeN We GeT tO Go AnD ShOp FoR RyaN....FoR FORmAL...TeeHee. YeS...i AsKeD HiM...HoPE WE HAb Fun. WeRE GionnA hAB A ChEAP DiNNEr...

Posted by Kuwaitknights @ 01/27/2004 02:31 PM GMT-8

Posted by leo @ 01/26/2004 03:50 PM GMT-8
Hey! whats up!! go here! it is really cool! ~moe

Posted by chaos @ 01/23/2004 01:20 PM GMT-7
  It would definitely depend on the situation at hand. For instance, in Afghanistan, you can kill a woman legally by throwing stones at them to death. Now that sucks! I think that it would be a good idea to let another country step in and change some things. On the other hand, like the Native...

Posted by My Little Web box @ 01/19/2004 09:33 AM GMT-5
well i am single once more.... my b/f and i broke up and i am hoping the guy i like doesnt think i am being a whore by breaking up with my bf.....i didnt break up with my bf for anyone but myself..... when i thought about it if i want to do fashion design i really need to concentrate on school and...

Posted by LoT clan home @ 01/17/2004 10:49 PM GMT12
Legends of Twilight
Legends of Twilight Welcome to the New LoT site, we will be still editing the site and updating it each week. Please visit our clan Forum and say "Hello" or if u have any problems with the site, you can also request to join LoT on the forum at the Joining section. Enjoy your stay here,...

Posted by Ginzuishou @ 01/16/2004 02:54 PM GMT-5
Timezones and Seasons...
Minna, here's a draft on a file I figured would be somewhat useful in the SM Era on Earth... Timezones.      Let's face facts. It's not going to be the same time in Elysia as it is in Yaezakura at any given point. Why's that? Well, there's this matter of 'rotation' and so...

Posted by Journal @ 01/14/2004 07:03 PM GMT-8
Journal Entry 1-14-04
Our trek through the moutain pass lead us no where. Nor could we find where the fire had been comming from. As we checked our map, we decided it was best to make haste to Tularean Forest. There we will camp for now, and head out in the morning. In the distance i remember hearing a faint sound as...

Posted by HW Clan Site @ 01/14/2004 12:35 PM GMT-6
Darkness Within
You have entered the Realm of Darkness.  Within is where death, destruction, and evil is formed.  Bonds are created and strengthend as hardships are endured.  As the battles rage, HellWarriors remain united and undefeated.  Anyone who wishes to challenge the mighty Undead...

Posted by Urakai @ 01/13/2004 08:05 PM GMT-8
And I have returned to irritate all of the ignorant masses once more.
    This is me and my quest to add Penguin to the list of intellegent animals... Since this is my second fucking time typing this because Oh My Fucking God I hit tab and space and deleted it by going to another website... I will probably be less funny in this one, But I will try to...


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