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Posted by iqnet @ 02/29/2004 11:49 AM GMT-3
Primeira IQNET 2004
A primeira lan da nova era do "IQ" foi um sucesso. Muitos frags, muitos jogos e principalmente muitos amigos, gargalhadas e novos integrantes. Abraço para todos...

Posted by Sacred Scripts @ 02/24/2004 03:20 AM GMT6
It's been a long time since i logged in to my blogdrive e? Paano bc ksi. But to make my thesis defense memorable ill post it here in summary. January 15, 2004 ============== It's our midterm exam sa CS (Client Server) tomorrow pra saamen ng barkada ko. We didn't able to take an...

Posted by weird but proud!! @ 02/20/2004 10:30 AM GMT-5
srry bout not updating!
sorry i havent updated in awhile my family takes it pesonally if a window is left unattended at the computer for 5 minutes and they feel they have to close it grrrrr. AAAH my left arm is stuck in the chair!!!. okay their we go. well i willl nowe decribemy vacation so far in detail. so on saturday i...

Posted by tazzie @ 02/19/2004 02:31 PM GMT-6
Wednesday Mind Hump
BDI Wednesday Mind Hump Week06 This week's Meme is a "What would you do?" 1.  You could pick one person to have a wild night with, without any reprocussion, who would it be & what would you do? Mel Gibson.. I dont kiss or tell.. "Blush" 2.  If you suddenly became super rich...

Posted by my crappy life @ 02/14/2004 09:38 PM GMT-8
the scientific world of kids
Well its been a while hasnt it? that was caused by getting strep throat the day after my last entry. which i tried not to go to the hospital cause of bills but it like i guess you would say "mutate" cause technically thats what happens, say if one person has a cold and after they are cured, they...

Posted by syed salleh @ 02/11/2004 07:48 PM GMT7
i got this joke from a web
heres a joke.Once there was a husband and a wife they wanted to go on a holiday at singapore.since they have different job scedule,the husband will go first and the wife will go on the next day.when the husband arrived in singapored and checked in a hotel,he sent an email to his wife.but he missed...

Posted by quizes galore!! @ 02/06/2004 03:07 PM GMT-5
i have new linkie but i duwanna post it here cuz im very lazy so go get it at sanas site. well any way TGIF majorly i could not stand a nother dayin schol even thought i was asuured that 2day was thuresday (dont ask) ummm yeh well lets see wat else can i say well im toatally redoing my prof section...

Posted by Journal @ 02/03/2004 07:36 PM GMT-6
No1 Knows
Callie-   Hey gurl! It's been a long time since I have written to you so this will kinda be like a catch up journal entry.   I bet ur wondering why the title is No1 Knows. Well, you'll have to keep reading and then you'll eventually find out. Sry:(   I'm gona start off...

Posted by Poker Blog @ 02/02/2004 09:12 AM GMT-8
Well, it's not EVERYwhere...
The Sunday comics had a Texas Holdem gag, which I thought was pretty cool. That means that Joe Public understands enough about Holdem to be able to tell that the two cards mean the characters are playing holdem, that the two aces are clearly the best hand and that the character's eyes falling...

Posted by Neopets News @ 01/31/2004 11:14 AM GMT-8
Cool new stuff!
Tired of the same old Snowager prizes? These new Neggs should brighten up your day. If you can't afford the real thing, don't despair! This Alien Aisha Plushie is now on sale in the Toy Shop. Ooh would you just look at this new avatar...  As Kacheeks have lots of Battledome items...


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