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Posted by Runner's Life @ 08/23/2004 05:12 PM GMT-6
When Your World Crumbles
-April- Cyclops was sitting on the hood of the Mustang that Melfus gave him and Bri as a gift so many months ago.  A broad grin rests on his face as he speaks into the mouthpiece for his headset.  Giving him a direct connection to Bri, on the island some three miles or so off the...

Posted by G Gangsters Blog @ 07/19/2004 02:27 PM GMT-5
THE CANUCKERS SUCK!!! The Reapers are way better. The only reason the canuckers beat the reapers is because of the refs. Everyone knows that the refs cant stand monessen and they do everything in there power to make the reapers lose. But if the canuckers wanna fight then bring it to monessen and...

Posted by Ryo's World @ 07/12/2004 04:58 PM GMT-5
Dun dun DUUUUN
I know, I know...been forever...yada yada yada, well, i found this again...thanks to my good Friend Asher(Peace, Homie!). So, now that i found it...I CAN TALK TO THE SCREEN! bua ha ha ha ha ha! seriously on summer vacation, been sittin around, playin Phantasy Star Online, and Surfin da...

Posted by ApothicTragedy01 @ 07/07/2004 09:14 PM GMT-5
You're the leader of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force! Nobody seems to listen to you though, so you kick Meatwad around to make up for it. Well today I went to the mall, my mom called me from work and said that Jeremy and James where there at like 2:00 I didn't have a ride so when my mom got home I...

Posted by Realm of Sanity @ 06/22/2004 10:03 PM GMT6
This blog is officially dead till further notice. Reasons are : 1. Too lazy to maintain 2. Face it, I can't force myself to write this online journal for long. It's just a temporary thing. 3. Refer to reason 1. But hopefully, I'll make a comeback soon. Real soon. And to ensure that i'm...

Posted by behindthedesign @ 04/26/2004 11:15 AM GMT-8
so it seems...
On top of all the other wild stuff I am keeping myself busy with, I have started writing another book as well and this one is about companies that kill off their mascots and you never hear from them again, and what they might possibly be up to if we could find them and persaude them to either...

Posted by Big W's Blog @ 03/27/2004 04:14 PM GMT-8
This weekend
Yes so today its Saturday. Last night i didnt really do anything but go to my aunts, but i drove alot, i slept at Liams too. Today we went to the chineese buffet which is amazing i love it there, cept for the waiter hates us. He came to our table and put the water jug ont he table cuz we drank too...

Posted by EsperanzaSop @ 03/16/2004 07:52 PM GMT-8
New journal
Sorry blogdrive. Not like anyone wanted to subscribe. Here's the new one. ers/nemesis_mind

Posted by iqnet @ 02/29/2004 11:49 AM GMT-3
Primeira IQNET 2004
A primeira lan da nova era do "IQ" foi um sucesso. Muitos frags, muitos jogos e principalmente muitos amigos, gargalhadas e novos integrantes. Abraço para todos...

Posted by Sacred Scripts @ 02/24/2004 03:20 AM GMT6
It's been a long time since i logged in to my blogdrive e? Paano bc ksi. But to make my thesis defense memorable ill post it here in summary. January 15, 2004 ============== It's our midterm exam sa CS (Client Server) tomorrow pra saamen ng barkada ko. We didn't able to take an...


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