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Posted by Rants :: v2 @ 03/01/2006 12:48 AM GMT-8
// cheesy muffins
My birthday is in 4 min's from this line!For those who don't know it, im turning 20.i could post plenty of the things in my life that id like to complain about, but those are better saved for another time.instead ill tell you guys (and myself when i read this in a few years from now) that life is...

Posted by LostLegacy @ 02/07/2006 07:36 PM GMT-5
a new forum
Dear Guild Members, For your convenience, a new forum has been released for our Guild. Please sign up for the forum, and be as active as you can. Please read the rules after you acquire your username. IMPORTANT: Your USERNAME must be the same as your IGN!! example: my IGN is AznPinknesss,...

Posted by Randomness @ 01/10/2006 01:57 PM GMT-5
Been a while
So its been a while so I think I am just gonna go from here, too much to update on EVERYTHING. Its only Tuesday, I guess I should be glad, the boss is away and tomorrow is such a busy day for me.  I am afraid to start any projects in case it runs over to tomorrow.  JohnJohn...

Posted by LiDoObOys StuFF @ 01/04/2006 12:32 PM GMT10
sushi blogging..
adam! >< you're still over seas for another 2 days! ahhaha.. when you come back.. you betteer keep your blog updated! ahah [= .. so boring! >< lmfao COME BACK SOON! me misses you ..ahah >< lalalalalalalala.. and you better have bought me something! [[=.. and if you forgot.....

Posted by News @ 12/28/2005 08:13 AM GMT-7
Battlefield 2 server up and running its call ACan Edmonton Spidy's Web(search for ACan) or ip

Posted by Useless @ 12/07/2005 09:22 AM GMT-6
wow....maybe i might get back to this after all....
hey people izzy winfield back to this blog i guess um lets start on how life is going....kk.....anyways lifes has been kicking me in the ass lately with this christmas thing....i mean i don't got a dam job so i don't have moeny so no money no presents for anyone i love which really sucks ass and...

Posted by renewal redefined @ 11/07/2005 10:15 PM GMT6
Cried myself to bed, not knowing whether all this is true. You told me that i don't deserve you, coz u feel indebted. Ever since when did i do something so that you could give something back? In this silences, i feel like screaming till i break, ram in to a wall till i bleed. Won't you...

Posted by Gesustown @ 10/14/2005 06:24 PM GMT-5
Minus Human
Don't you leave me Father Time Take me with you Tell me does your sun still shine Come squeeze the world and drip it down my throat...oh yeah Down my throat again....woooah You got to breathe man, breathe! Coming up for Air Breathe man, breathe! Coming up for Air Touch me so I think I'm...

Posted by Casket Ninjette @ 06/27/2005 11:39 PM GMT-5
Friday Is When You Left Me So I Drank Myself To Sleep
Meh... I typed a bunch of shit and hit the wrong button and lost it. Blah. Lets see, spent the last 3 days with Dane while I wasnt at work. Went Saturday night, stayed the night, Sunday night, stayed the night, and went today to give him the two Das Ich cd's I ordered for him. So yeah, He...

Posted by Naked Flame @ 05/13/2005 02:24 PM GMT-3
animais  c㯼/I>  rauf  gato bas   pᳳaro ling   le㯼/I> rurth   cavalo akesh   marse 駵a   rato óg  touro mul   borboleta m´era  lobo loub  égua hara...


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