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Posted by Ketchup! @ 06/04/2004 03:32 PM GMT7
just came from reg. haay, the second worst reg ever. the worst was when i was sick and my mom made me line up for the cashier despite the fact that i am ill. i did not get the classes i planned to get. or rather, i got the classes that i really wanted to take, but was too chicken to consider...

Posted by Dragon Quarter @ 06/03/2004 04:12 PM GMT-8
Wtf retards~!!!1~!11
I had swimming today and i feel so tired and sick. I have a damn headache. I never get those. D: I have a habit of saying, "Oz" which is hoes without pronouncing the h and crap. o_____O;; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ---From the IRL journal of LENA (me.) and KIN. (My friend.) Yerr, I type down...

Posted by Adventures in Meh @ 05/24/2004 08:07 PM GMT-7
El Endo
Now....I've seen a lot of blog entries about the endo of school...Albert is blabbering on about how he has powers and the endo of school hasn't hit him...K is being aggressivly retarted, I much emotion.......It almost made me care...but not even close. Dani's just........being...

Posted by What is potatoo? @ 05/19/2004 08:59 PM GMT-8
Driving conditions these days
haven't you encounter your share of bad drivers? i've seen tons.. but not many that I've recorded.. but I'm been thinking about it for a while.. posting bad driving, parking, whatever in my blog... so here's my first upload, hopefully not the last.. bwwhahhahaha... As you can see from the...

Posted by Crazy Life @ 05/19/2004 08:32 AM GMT-5
Crazy Dream
This morning I had the most unusual dream... I dreamed that I was gaining a strange ability to see into a 'paralell world' version of earth. I was looking at a wire fence when the white plastic threaded through it, to fill in the space between the wires, flickered red and white, as if I was...

Posted by LEAFS ARE GOD! @ 05/02/2004 06:56 PM GMT-5
So We Got Blown Out, It Happens Once A Month People Im Not Suprised
Ok well its been a while since ive written here and the series between philly and toronto is now 3-2 philly after they blew out toronot today 7-2 but meh..all i know is that robert easch is hurt and hes philly starting of there forward is injuerd to and we lost ken klee but meh he...

Posted by Chau Chau @ 04/30/2004 03:38 AM GMT-5
well u can slash the other entry below cuz well it kinda didn't work. it ight now. but now more and more crap is up. but hey wut can i say? well i have enjoyed myself the past 2 days. i have gottent the opprotunity 2 wrestle in my PE class. the 1st day i wuz pinned in 5 sec. 2day i won both of my...

Posted by bubba @ 04/23/2004 08:59 AM GMT-7
Celtic Cross

Posted by A preps nightmare @ 04/20/2004 05:28 PM GMT-5
Ok now in this place who thinks Jacob Smith is cute?
I think That Jacob Smith is cute he is like so kool! If people disagree or agree I WANT TO HEAR U!!!! Come on the only posts im gettin are from my friends!!!! And yes Aria Emile is yours but i can still think he's cute cant I? I'm like not obsessed with Jacob I just think that his personality is...

Posted by My Times @ 04/15/2004 05:55 PM GMT-4
Where have the days gone?
I wish I had the dicipline to talk to you more often than I do, but alas I do not.  Fear not, however, for I have things for you today. My love and I have had a bit of a blip on our radars, that blip being a breakup that lasted about 4 hours.  It was kindof agonizing, but we got over...


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