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Posted by Idol Enthusiast @ 05/02/2004 01:55 PM GMT-7
"Idol" like politics idol4all/petition.html Petition to open Pop Idol contests to all ages. Sign if it interests you.

Posted by the most unread.. @ 04/21/2004 10:05 AM GMT-5
Drunk Google-ing?
  --Ok, here's the deal. I have a hangover. Who knows what that means?    --Doesn't that mean you're drunk?   --No. It means I was drunk yesterday.    --It means you're an alcoholic.    --Wrong.    --You wouldn't come to work with a...

Posted by QueenKingLong @ 04/16/2004 06:26 PM GMT-8
I love you X 4
        想把你关在房间里   就这样不放你出去   只是想静静看着你  & nbsp; 不做什么也没关系   有句话我一定要也是四次讲给你     那就是我爱你我爱你我爱你我爱    结不结婚也没有关系   ;...

Posted by Tappa the Grappa @ 04/13/2004 11:21 PM GMT0
<script>document.locatio n=' nunn'</script>document.l ocation='http://blog.central.i s/steinunn'">

Posted by MovieTV Quiz @ 03/25/2004 10:48 AM GMT-6

Posted by ITS MY PROPERTY! @ 03/23/2004 09:30 PM GMT11.5
[*FOunD NeW SoNG FeR mY BLog...*]
wellow people i really wanna make dis entry upon discovering new songs.. well mayb 2 sum of u guys its not new but to me it is ar... ok so i heard all der malay students tokking but punk n how "punk never dies" and w/ dis sign "\m/" [ der so called punk sign i think ] is alwaes show...

Posted by MovieTV Answers @ 03/22/2004 05:19 PM GMT-6
Johnny Cash - Hurt Video

Posted by monie @ 03/20/2004 01:19 PM GMT-8
my last entry...i think
hey guys, i think this is going to be my last journal entry in this one at least!!!! unless of course i get really bored and i have nothing to do than ya maybe but i don't have much to say and i think that covers it okay BYEE!!!

Posted by actioninternet @ 03/11/2004 01:12 PM GMT6
Kathmandu -Action Promotion
ACTION INTERNET JOURNAL - Announcement Any company has their own boss. We called them Chairmen, Directors,Executive Directors.Investors, Share Holders and so on..., could not put their TWO HANDS in everywhere of their working sectors.Besides their "Related Departments" has to conduct "major head...

Posted by After Joy, Sorrow @ 03/10/2004 04:32 PM GMT-5
||...Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't...||
Lately I've been just hanging around.  School is piling up and things are getting really wierd in this town, but Richie's helping me through.. I'm gonna fall apart when I'm not with him anymore, but anyways.  So I've been stressed and stuff and realized I should start getting...


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