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Posted by verdenarchives @ 10/14/2004 08:19 PM GMT-5
Council Decision
ON Atlantia Gathered in a coral cave, seven of the eight clan elders had gathered to have a meeting concerning the new world, there were other races on the surface that had to know they were down here. We all know why we are here; we need to decide if Triton is the one to be our voice on the...

Posted by City Girls @ 10/04/2004 06:52 PM GMT-5
My conversation with smarter child
Farie413 (6:29:57 PM): yo SmarterChild (6:29:58 PM): Welcome back, Farie413! Would you like to take a poll? Farie413 (6:30:07 PM): ya SmarterChild (6:30:08 PM): Here's my poll of the day for Monday, October 4th, 2004: Are you an outdoorsy type? 1 Yes 2 No Farie413 (6:30:15 PM):...

Posted by World Domination @ 09/20/2004 04:07 AM GMT-8
Buffy Button
Yesterday, in the new "Impact Comics" I found a buffy badge! Of corse I had to buy it =P

Posted by ddaanniiii @ 09/06/2004 03:27 PM GMT-8
On The Way Down !
On The Way Down * <3 Sick And Tired Of The World There`s No More Air . . Drippinq Over MySelf Goinq Nowhere . . Waitinq . . Sufficatinq . . No Direction . . I Took A Dive . . And On The Way Down I Saw You And You Saved Me From MySelf And I Won`t Forqet The Way You Loved Me And On The Way...

Posted by Amei @ 09/06/2004 08:04 PM GMT8
]Prefect oınhY^ Ӹmƥ~ ۤv򦳦nhiBgaŶ ZƳӰh ^YLҿ n}ߥiHjjj, ]gapffniR \an, nn_, pffYno˥iR M}Y^Yoݦn, YڦHߤ|on ̪񪾹DۤvYgaH,...

Posted by Reality Bytes @ 08/25/2004 02:22 AM GMT-6
You are one of the few out there whose wings are truly ANGELIC. Selfless, powerful, and divine, you are one blessed with a certain cosmic grace. You are unequalled in peacefulness, love, and beauty. As a Being of Light your wings are massive and a soft white or silver. Countless feathers...

Posted by hippy420 @ 07/27/2004 08:50 PM GMT-5
hannah wanted me to say that we have been going out since the 17th and she also told me to make this log but i have nothin else to say about this great event

Posted by Thought Out @ 07/10/2004 08:51 PM GMT10
"The Body" (BtVS)- a real death
Required: a basic understanding of Buffy; the Vampire Slayer. Written: having seen The Body and heard Joss Commentary (which I draw heavily on) Started: As an E-mail (which I never sent) to Ana and Melissa General: I know there are a few parts  to this ep. (like a lot of Taras story),...

Posted by Here in My Head @ 06/23/2004 12:22 AM GMT-7
Somewhere where the orchids grow
Well I finally paid off 3 credit cards.. that's right I am on my way to financial freedom.  Just a few more to go and then I will be free, but at least now I will be able to move soon.  Get the hell out of here.  So today was good on that note.  And tomorrow is my sister's 21st...

Posted by JessaAPOMX @ 05/10/2004 10:17 PM GMT-5
Graduation! I hate Shea.
Well the time has finally come, where my four years at IUP have come to an end. This past Saturday I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and a minor in Communications Media. I have had some wonderful times at IUP and have made friends that will last hopefully a lifetime. This summer Grace and I...


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