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Posted by Kyt n Aubrey @ 06/13/2007 03:12 AM GMT-8
Profiles- Kyt and Aubrey
Profile: Aubretia Lycania Nickname: Aubrey, A. Lee Fandoms: Harry Potter, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HP Ships: Harry/Remus, some Harry/Hermione for my sister's sake Writing fanfic since: 2003 Birthday: June 28, 1986 Location: Dorms... endless dorms Family: Sisters.... endless...

Posted by Pop Arena - Blog @ 06/01/2007 06:55 PM GMT-8
We're Back, A Pop Arena Story
Well, I know I've promised time and time again that I'll get better at my updating. This is another promise. I'm sorry, I'm really trying. Hopefully, a BRAND SPANKING NEW front page design should help stir the creative juices! Check it out: And to top it off, we have a...

Posted by Smo's Reveiws' HQ @ 02/26/2007 06:55 PM GMT-5
Oscar Night 2007
I don't say very often that I am enamored by something.  In fact, the power behind that word requrires me to weigh its use very carefully.  Let's look at the etymology:  Amor is French for love, and en is used emphatically.  So when I say that I am enamored by something,...

Posted by kuro-kuro-ko @ 10/17/2006 09:18 PM GMT-8
goodbye, carlo!
i'm moving out. still wanna read my angsts, joys, rants and nonsensical thoughts? basahin ang mga bagong kurokuroko.

Posted by Now Playing @ 08/28/2006 01:40 AM GMT-5
Is That Your Final Answer?
So what is all this shit about Pluto not being a planet? Instead of having all these nerds looking for alien life or Armageddon sized death rocks they are all debating each other in a sealed room. I guess I have no problem with them trying to classify things a bit better but from what I hear...

Posted by ~~**KAT-TUN**~~ @ 04/14/2006 11:30 AM GMT-8
                                                        ;   &nbs...

Posted by @ 04/11/2006 05:22 AM GMT7
The Friend Zone
How would you feel if somebody wants to be your friend? You'd feel great, right?  Of course! Who wouldn't want a friend? Friends are fun to be with.  Always has your back. Always there when you need someone to cry on. Yada yada yada... Now, let's tweak the question a bit... How...

Posted by Geek Pie does DH @ 04/09/2006 11:03 AM GMT-8
Cooking and gardening
Me and Breezy both came to the conclusion that kids today are rubbish. There we were playing dressing up and getting into mischief. Meanwhile, all the boys wanted to do was sit on the sofa, watch TV and absentmindedly pick their noses every so often. Where was the fun in that? After...

Posted by Flaco #1 site @ 03/15/2006 10:48 PM GMT-5
My Number One

Posted by ApprenticeViews @ 02/15/2006 01:20 PM GMT-5
Apprentice V - begins Feb 27
Here we go again, season #5 kicks off on Monday; Feb. 27 9PM - this time with an international flair. Once again, ApprenticeViews will be along for the ride. And because The Donald has moved to Monday's - we at ApprenticeViews felt like we should move also. Watch for a new domain and new look for...


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