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Posted by DRTV Media Buying @ 02/05/2012 06:54 AM GMT-6
Mobile Advertising in U.S. Poised to Grow to $12 Billion in 2012
According to a white paper published by Mobile Media Buying Platform adsmobi, the amount spent on mobile advertising is set to jump from $1.34 billion to $2.01 billion in 2012. Mobile research agency MobileSQUARED has predicted that 155.6 million SmartPhones will be sold in the next 12...

Posted by TTF--Lex and Lana @ 10/07/2011 01:08 AM GMT-5
Lex/Lana Youtube Channel Stephanie, one of the Lex and Lana Tumblr's co-admins, has also started a Youtube Channel for Lex and Lana called Except You Ravish Me. It is a fantastic, well-organized video repository for Lex/Lana scenes and Michael/Kristin interviews, especially when...

Posted by It's RK Carino. @ 08/25/2010 08:17 PM GMT9
My Baker Hughes Experience :)
Last 18th to 20th of August 2010, me and 9 other Filipinos went to Kuala Belait, Brunei for the Baker Hughes Experience, the final stage of selection process for incoming Field Engineers of Baker Hughes Incorporated. Baker Hughes is a Fortune 500 company and 3rd's world's largest of its kind, it...

Posted by 3nigmatic @ 03/01/2010 08:22 PM GMT7
I realised I haven't been active here in a while since I was back from Sandakan. A month to be exact. With so much going on, blogging actually took a backseat. And my eyes wasn't treating me well during this period (What an excuse). Do you know it cost RM 150 for a 10 minutes chat with an eye...

Posted by RBN - Talk @ 02/24/2010 05:51 PM GMT-6
I have been working on the NEW WEBSITE
The new website is here: Rogue Broadcasting Network

Posted by Hallucinations @ 12/19/2009 03:56 AM GMT-5
For Those Wondering...
Im still alive...

Posted by cHiChi @ 08/28/2009 12:15 PM GMT8
Won't be here for a while. Going on an indefinite hiatus. XOXO <3

Posted by purplesecret @ 07/21/2009 05:36 PM GMT8
what can i do?
my Mom told me that my Dad is having a hard time urinating, and his penis is red, it looks like it was used. My guy cousin takes care of my Dad every night for 5 nights  a week. We don't know if my Dad is being abused by my cousin because we don't have enough proof. But there was one night...

Posted by The Friday Chef @ 05/13/2009 09:19 AM GMT-5
Ebay is Like Crack, Yo
I love browsing through the items on Ebay. I thought I might share a few today that caught my eye.  Some of these end soon, so the listings may disappear in the near future.   There's still plenty of time to bid on some of these items!First, we have a...

Posted by issey @ 04/13/2009 08:50 AM GMT6
happy birthday to me... =(
i'm starting to hate birthdays... huhu... birthdays remind me of "getting old". neways, a friend gave me a special gift all the way from saudi arabia. thanks, fhar. miss yah, buddy. speaking of birthdays. april 9, 2009: happy birthday, jesse mccartney!!! and congratulations on winning nick's...


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