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Posted by hotridechick @ 11/03/2003 05:42 PM GMT-8
hey its me again
     Hey everyone how are you doing? I am fine! I hope you guys like my fucking web site????????? I also hope you guys had fun on halloween I told you if you dont I will kick your ass okay. I went to the movies with my friends we watched scary movie 3 it...

Posted by Stage World @ 11/03/2003 06:12 AM GMT11
Next week is going to be pretty busy with stars and everything- Mon- Science Test, Science report due Tue- STARS bring costumes Wed- Preferably wear costumes no makeup Thur- Pep Rally (BRING PEP MUSIC!!!! PEOPLE!!!) Full costume/full makeup Fri- No school (yay!) 1st performance...

Posted by .:*jessica*:. @ 10/26/2003 05:57 AM GMT-8
HEY ANOTHer sunday another soccer game GREAT ummmm today is gonna be shitloud of toture i have soccer and im crammin in me report and i got BACJ DOCTOR tomarro =[ anyway gtg eat somehting byezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Posted by Caroline's blog @ 10/21/2003 05:15 PM GMT-6
Fun stuff/ crappy stuff
Today was ok... rite now i'm packing for you know what tomorrow (oh yeah) Lindsey A. just told me that her soccer team (brooke mali kelly shannon) is gonna be in kansas city when I am...... score! oh yeah lol. Maybe I'll c u guys there... hopefully haha! I'm gonna download aim on the hotel computer...

Posted by andrew @ 10/17/2003 03:54 AM GMT-5
Baseball Games
Dear Readers I am here to write about a team that buys all thier good players and they always win. But this year that stops. Yes i am talking about the yankees. why did the worst player on the team hit a home run to win game 7 of the ACLS that was shit. i think he was corked. But there is hope...

Posted by KatieNK @ 10/05/2003 01:06 AM GMT-5
So far
So far this weekend has been really cool. Friday afternoon I went up to University of Delaware and hung out with Nicole. Then we went to dinner at the dining hall with some of her friends that I met who were pretty cool. That was fun but dining hall food is gross and expensive if you don't have the...

Posted by @ 09/20/2003 11:24 AM GMT-8
Todays Day
Hello, and welcome back to my BlogBook. Today was a Job Fair at our mall In Cambridge, Men has so much disadvantages, lol. Cause I mean some places, you need to be 18, some places, u cant have percings, some and alot of places are girl stores, and some places u need to dress up, Which totally...

Posted by Stoney Baord @ 09/17/2003 08:45 PM GMT-8
Up On the Count
On the Count. Its been a funny week this week. Nothing much has happend. just some fun stuff for me. I was so excited ot talk some cool people. I absolutely love the new James Taylor CD..... I recomend it Totaly.

Posted by GlowWormGirlX @ 09/12/2003 09:49 PM GMT-6
Im talking to my Siiiiister
Hey people,  Im talking to my sister in NJ .. she is a wacko.  I dont know what to talk about again... but thats ok.. I talked to my cousin the other day... she is a lesbian and still in HS.. she said that she hates it but not because she is a lesbian.. she said that was last years...

Posted by danceklutz330 @ 09/08/2003 12:07 PM GMT-8
Omg!!! i am so sorry i forgot u in my last entry!!!! i just wanna say i miss you!!!!!!! lylas


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