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Posted by +*+*+* aDdIcTeD @ 12/20/2003 05:26 PM GMT5
its over..
its been a long time since i have posted anything here.. and now im gonna say it all...ITS OVER.yes. you heard me right. the thing between me and 28 is over. it really sick and tired of it. yes i now what would you say. "o bat di ka umiyak?""di ka ba nasasaktan"?? shet. punyeta naman o. hindi...

Posted by eMilY @ 12/13/2003 02:21 PM GMT-8
Uhh yeah im behind and im bugged cuz i dono how long till stuff happens so thats what i'll b ritin for the next daiz... 11 daiz till christmas 5 school daiz till christmas break 4 full school daiz till christmast break 6 regular daiz till christmas break....... doo yoo understand that i only...

Posted by luvtoro @ 12/08/2003 10:37 PM GMT10.5
*o*HaNd PAiN pAin..=( *o*
thinking of: my hand damn pain sia..argh..!!! mood: okay lor...lalaa.. mp3: tomorrow -a1- listening : the things we never did..-a1- hi diary yesterday sleep quite late lor cause yesterday went to yanfang house until very late lor..doinkz..=) really enjoyed yesterday final...

Posted by almisradio @ 11/28/2003 03:04 AM GMT-8
Somaliland Reports
Somaliland    A country whose pastoralists face increasing exclusion from rangelands traditionally used for livestock grazing, Somaliland also has a civil war legacy and is affected by drought.. The legacy of this division is a country with very few resources, still heavily...

Posted by Liz @ 11/26/2003 07:07 PM GMT-6
Missed a day
Sorry guys. I missed one day o well yesterday was boring buh today i got to hang out with sexy sexy Korby lol.We went to the mall and i got muh bobby's world shoe laces haha lol. i love muh bobbys haha lol. and we saw a hole buch of people we new thurr.Gr.. and u people in dat guestbook of...

Posted by Kelly @ 11/24/2003 10:41 AM GMT-8
Money money Monaaaayy!!!
If you haven't figured it out, I got paid. I got my check Friday.  Went and cashed it.  Got over $1300. I'm trying to keep myself fiscally sound.  I did do some clothes shopping (in which I'm wearing a shirt and some khakis that I bought as we speak.  Hey, the khakis were...

Posted by LHSPoser04 @ 11/22/2003 07:55 PM GMT-6
So, Friday was cool, went to work, went by fast, then hung out with Jennifer, slept till noon on Saturday, then Clayton called, went to the Tech game with him, now Tech got wooped, but they scored more points then Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, and Iowa State, COMBINED!!!!!! So, we should get a good...

Posted by Shadow_Lord @ 11/20/2003 10:02 PM GMT-5
My Lindsay
I know something has been bothering her, I just want her to tell me. She didn't look good at all the other day, She looked sick and depressed. I wish I could have cheered her up... But after she reads this shes going to say "But you always cheer me up". I love her so much and it kills me to...

Posted by eekeekmoo @ 11/19/2003 01:55 PM GMT-8
Wooga wooga woo :)
Woo Hooooo! REDRUM... :D well today was alright i was pretty language all moody on the class b/c of something some ohter student did...she took it out on one of the kids in my was pretty funny seein' her get mad like that :-P im doin this entry...

Posted by Duane's Brains @ 11/19/2003 12:50 PM GMT-5
Flum for 11/11/2003
At a time of base closings, privatization, and budget austerity at the Pentagon, word filtered up from the U.S. Southern Command (6,200 members strong, from all branches of the military) that U.S. soldiers were being drafted to carry out new duties in Central and South America---guarding rain...


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