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Posted by emkedouwe @ 05/15/2004 12:52 PM GMT1
Weekend !
Eindelijk weekend, dat was me wel weer een weekje. Strax naar de coolste provincie van nederland: Friesland ;-) Vanavond een reunie van m'n oude school vrienden. Ik denk dat het vast wel gezellig word vanavond, misschien dat ik nog wat fotos stuur.

Posted by BroKenStar065 @ 03/25/2004 12:53 PM GMT-5
Spring Break
Hello! So it is In the Middle of Spring break now! thank goodness ive been needing this break. ive spent most of it with zac and its been great dont get me wrong... i just havent done anything with my friends.. and i feel like ive been leaving them out and thats the last thing id want to do cause i...

Posted by monie @ 03/20/2004 01:19 PM GMT-8
my last entry...i think
hey guys, i think this is going to be my last journal entry in this one at least!!!! unless of course i get really bored and i have nothing to do than ya maybe but i don't have much to say and i think that covers it okay BYEE!!!

Posted by Les Allen @ 03/19/2004 09:38 AM GMT-5
The Cruise From Charleston……….
Turned out to be the cruise from hell.  The cruse itself was not especially bad, accept for the Spring Breakers.  The boat was overrun with them.  They had drunk all the beer on board by the second day.  The girls were far worse that the boys without question.  Their...

Posted by Selwyn's blog @ 03/14/2004 05:44 PM GMT1
Vanaf vandaag heb ik een nieuwe weblog, te vinden op!Take Care,Selwyn

Posted by mad world666 @ 03/05/2004 01:26 PM GMT-6
<img src=" m/S/SuperCurlz/1059287123_ktop Grease.jpg" border="0" alt=" g"><br>Grease! <br><br><a href=" s/SuperCurlz/quizzes/What%20mo vie%20Do%20you%20Belong%20in%3 F(many%20different%20outcomes! )/">...

Posted by backofthemind @ 02/19/2004 03:06 PM GMT-8
if it makes you less sad, i'll die by your hand.
blah. i really didnt wanna get out of bed this morning. not just for the reason that skool sucks..just because i was extra tired. i got there and everybody was all hyper and stuff and i was like geeze shut up. lol. world geography, the most pointless class ive ever taken and probably will...

Posted by xFaLlInx4xYoUx @ 02/13/2004 01:52 PM GMT-5
Long time no write!
Hmmm I havnt writin in here in SO long! I have a new journal now tho...its y_nightsx so go there and THATS where you'll be able to read about my eh? well theres supposed to be a fight after school up at corodo...its between Jason and this kid David...

Posted by Jasm!ne @ 02/07/2004 07:53 AM GMT-8
i want him ..... ;)
omg i want him so bad.....he even knows fun chillin wit him ed n wendels aka figured out wendels last name...its lewis....hehe.....scott member the guy witt a eye patch n glasses over omfg that was sum funnt think today im goin to his...

Posted by Matt @ 02/05/2004 04:25 PM GMT-6
Today @ school
 Today at school was such a fucking bitch.. this is what happend. The rest of the day was alright but till 4 block came that's when i had gym whoa, I had a hard time with gym none of the gym teachers had my name on the list or a locker for me so i had to walk around the school looking...


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