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Posted by DarK DeSirE @ 03/03/2005 01:11 PM GMT-6
Thuresday day
whoo whee..! I AM SOO TIRED TODAY! I've just arrived at my fourth period now from swimming and just browsing the net. I tell yeh, block schedule for every thuresday is soo lame and booring! Took the long way to HAMILTON POOL, went underground took the M..transpher to the 28..then fianlly transpher...

Posted by Music @ 02/27/2005 03:19 PM GMT7
Test the shit out
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Posted by Amelia the robot @ 11/24/2004 11:47 AM GMT-5
Wikky wikky boom!
So, I now leave for a fun filled adventure to Rhode Island, then to Boston. I'm going to an art opening brunch even! What a new experience. I have a feeling this trip is what I need. What I don't need is people coming over to my house at 10 in the morning when I'm sleeping and waking me up....

Posted by ayumi @ 10/25/2004 09:28 AM GMT-8
CAROLS CAROLS CAROLS CAROLS CAROLS CAROLS CAROLS CAROLS lets promote CAROLS. go and buy now. and arena tour and watch out for new album rumoured to be called "humanly".

Posted by you\'rethepill @ 10/03/2004 07:14 PM GMT-5
I'm amazed that I let go
woooaaaaah. other news I am going to australia this summer. :-D I'm thinking aobut just not graduating from high school. I mean... maybe I just wont live a life. I could always just be a cook. Hey.... its all amy's fault! she never did finish this thing, did...

Posted by slackers @ 08/10/2004 03:00 PM GMT6
mood swings
lately i haf been very moody..i dun koe y..i get angry at ppl easily,especially wit ma it because of ma monthly system tat i will get mad at every litttle things???aniwae, regarding the song tat he wanted to dedicate to me, i din like it not entirely because of the song but because he had...

Posted by MEGAN @ 07/28/2004 08:23 AM GMT-8
if it makes you happy then why the heLL are you so sad....?? i luv summatime... steven i love you so much and you mean the world to me.. niki amanda megan i will see you at colorguard.. amanda see you at cross country.. and band camp coming up soonn.. YaY!! buh bye megan

Posted by pink mohawks and @ 07/04/2004 07:55 PM GMT-5
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Posted by threeONEfive news @ 05/21/2004 01:28 AM GMT-6
Request Line Coming Soon!
Yep, that's right a request line will be coming in the next day or so.  I've run into a little difficulty getting it to work right, but I will hopefully have all the kinks worked out sometime tomorrow.  This new request feature will not effect any of the time schedules for the...

Posted by blondieErIn @ 05/18/2004 02:53 PM GMT-8
nOthIng rEAlly
I hAvEnt bEEn tO skOOl yEt thIs wEEk, I wAs In dIsnEylAnd wIth nIck bEcAUsE On mOndAy, It wAs OUr fIvE mOnth AnnIvErsAry. wE'rE gOIng tO schOOl tOmOrrOw..sO yEAh, Ill sEE yAll thErE I gUEss..thAts If yOU gO tO my schOOl thOUgh. nOthIng mUch Is nEw thOUgh sO I dOnt gOts mUch tO sAy


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