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Posted by jessica @ 07/08/2009 11:45 AM GMT10
goodness & fairness
define: etiquettea code of behavior that influences expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a societydefine: courtesypolite behavior; a polite gesture or remark; consent or agreement in spite of fact; indulgence; willingness or generosity in...

Posted by kamown! @ 05/23/2009 08:02 PM GMT7
Hooray for Anarchy!
This  blog has

Posted by PUNKGOD @ 04/29/2009 04:35 AM GMT-8
  暴民必听,顺民必惊! 2009最新专辑《盘古暴民选集第 木怼穖p3网盘下载: ttp:// mmz2mq 《盘古暴民选集第四卷》暴民必 趁癖鼐 杜坦疟┟裱〖谒 木怼肺坦爬滞2009年全新专辑 12首作品,全部采用盘古式录音 合...

Posted by joshua @ 04/20/2009 04:03 AM GMT-8
success notes
The Magic Story (author unknown)   In as much as I have evolved from my experience the one great secret of success for all worldly undertakings, I deem it wise, now that the number of my days is nearly counted, to give to the generations that are to follow me the benefit of...

Posted by Lyrics @ 04/13/2009 09:52 PM GMT-7
One Day You Will -- Lady Antebellum
You feel like you're falling backwardsLike you're slipping through the cracksLike no one would even noticeIf you left this town and never came backYou walk outside and all you see is rainYou look inside and all you feel is painAnd you can't see it nowBut down the road the sun is shiningIn every...

Posted by UmmiQistina @ 04/01/2009 12:12 AM GMT8
~ Aku dah fedup! ~
4 tahun aku bersamanya, 4 tahun aku mengadu padanya, 4 tahun aku kongsi segala suka-duka aku selama ini. Terima kasih.  Jasamu tidak akan pernah aku lupakan. Aku bukan nak jadi kacang lupakan kulit.  Aku tak pernah membenci cuma aku fedup. Aku dah lama sabar.  Aku dah lama bertahan...

Posted by Requiem2005 @ 02/14/2009 02:31 AM GMT-5
Happy Valentine's Day
        ;      ;      ;      ; Sometimes I wonder why I'm even around.

Posted by blueshy list song @ 01/28/2009 08:49 AM GMT7
WE WILL NOT GO DOWN (Song for Gaza) (Composed by Michael Heart) Copyright 2009 A blinding flash of white light Lit up the sky over Gaza tonight People running for cover Not knowing whether they're dead or alive They came with their tanks and their planes With ravaging fiery flames And...

Posted by Freckles @ 12/10/2008 04:19 PM GMT7
Move Move Move!!
Hai pindah hostingan bloogg... ayo semua rame hijrah ke siniii!!hehehehhe.. makasiihh :)

Posted by Jurginieur @ 10/08/2008 05:35 PM GMT1
Afgelopen maandagmorgen om 6 uur is Eline overleden... Het toont maar weer eens dat het leven soms echt niet eerlijk is, maar dat je ook zo machteloos kan staan op dit soort momenten. Ze zal iig nu haar welverdiende rust krijgen. 1 ding Ik ben en blijf trots op haar.


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