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Posted by Princess Quotes @ 06/24/2007 10:45 AM GMT-5
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Posted by Shail @ 06/08/2007 08:40 PM GMT5.5
Cultural Relativism.......Fact or Fancy????
In its pure context cultural relativism is having something out of a George Lucas movie in which civilizations are a mere clone of each other ruled by the single objective of the ever dominant republic, where in its true sense the republic itself is a pseudo entity which is feeding on...

Posted by .: fallen @ 06/05/2007 03:01 AM GMT6.5
this is a rough time motion photography of my saturday home blues, feeling restless, whining like a bitch's distemper, feeling...

Posted by Bloggdy @ 06/02/2007 01:49 PM GMT-8
i've moved.
wahai blog yang aku disayangku selalu.aku telah membuat keputusan untuk pindah ke blog spot.dan blog tu akan ku buka kan untuk public hehe.except bdak uk.ughh hated it when they know my blog.anyways itu sahaja. akan ku merindui mu:) aku akan keep on updating.tapi sket2., :)) so exhausted!

Posted by The Anti-Rap site @ 06/01/2007 10:30 AM GMT-5
So....welcome back?
So I came back to this site (who knows why) just to realize that my rap enthusiasm was at an all time low. Yes, it has never had a high, but that's besides the point. Who has heard this awesome (roll eyes) new group MIMS new song? You know, the one with the advanced logic catchphrase of "I'm hot...

Posted by acidburn @ 05/24/2007 09:50 PM GMT8
Wajah-Wa'r'jah 2007

Posted by a little princess @ 05/24/2007 05:53 PM GMT6.5
ordinary day with extraordinary friends...
My supposedly ordinary Wednesday turned out to be an extraordinary day after spending it with Lhen and Rommel. I went to Rommel's place just for the sake of going out actually. I feel bored at home without doing anything plus I had this longing to see my friends again. So anyway, I...

Posted by Kwarto ni Maiku @ 05/24/2007 03:37 PM GMT8
when I'm alone
Sometimes, I find being alone worthwhile. Not everyone knows that. Long before those two girls barged in, I couldn't rely on anyone. I was alone in every fight. There wasn't anyone that I could depend. Maybe I've become radically independent. But being too independent have also its flaws. Working...

Posted by Chiclana @ 05/20/2007 09:24 AM GMT-8
Chiclana por siempre...
Si teneís un momento leed esto, el lamento del espíritu de este pueblo. Playas vírgenes violadas por industrias hoteleras, y aquí solo se construye rotondas, puentes y aceras. Con la falta que hace un Hospital en condiciones y no lo que han hecho en la Longuera, que sirve para lo mismo que los...

Posted by Asaba Blog @ 05/16/2007 07:34 PM GMT8
I hate that guy
I hate that guy. He's my boss. Actually I have lots of them at work. There are four of them. Two of them are nice. Two of them I hate. I hate that guy. He doesn't have to ask for personal questions and I felt like he stepped on my privacy when he conducted an interview from out of the blue. I...


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