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Posted by Reality Bytes. @ 09/13/2010 12:08 AM GMT7
so yeah lately i've been down. again. seems i only post here when i'm feeling down.[insert teenage angst here][insert teenage angst here][insert teenage angst here][insert teenage angst here][insert teenage angst here]does 19 count as teenage?i'm actually kinda sick of the same words i type over...

Posted by Alfas @ 09/10/2010 09:39 PM GMT7
[Kpop] 100910 FT Island 1st Place at Music Bank K chart
Tahniah diucapkan kepada FT Island kerana memenangi tempat pertama dengan persembahan lagu "Love Love Love" atau 'Sarang Sarang Sarang' di Music Bank K-Chart bertarikh 10/09/2010Mereka nampak macho dalam pakaian begitu..=) p/s:maklumat lain akan diupdatekan lain kali.. ^_^ sumber: ...

Posted by 5PA 2006 @ 08/30/2010 06:57 AM GMT7
woa $4.16 Million
Woa... Biar btol... My site is worth$4.16 MillionYour website value?Kaya la kite kalau btol...haharindu kat sume kawankalau ade hal nak update gtaw la kat sini... sepi je..huhu

Posted by Gettin' By @ 07/22/2010 12:34 AM GMT-6
"THIS SONG MAKES ME WANT TO KILL MYSELF!" they're all death by diamonds and death by diamonds and death by diamonds and death by diamonds and pearls

Posted by Lirene's Bloggie @ 07/08/2010 04:26 AM GMT8
Don't understand...
Why this time of the year always seemed so suay!

Posted by [Aliza] @ 05/30/2010 05:53 PM GMT8
i guess i'm a gullible person. i'm not saying i'm stupid, however, sometimes, i trust some people easily.... hmmm. masakit lang isipin na ung mga taong pinagtiwalaan mo e nagsisinungaling pala, at nakakainis... naniwala ako... yeah, i believed them... hay. buhay.

Posted by BlakeLOG @ 05/17/2010 11:56 AM GMT-5
My question...
...and what a question it is. I don’t know why I could let such an important question go unanswered. About this time last year, I looked at my rejection from Summit as some sort of sign in my life. Although there were plenty of obvious implications, I whole-heartedly attempted to over analyze...

Posted by Love Suicide @ 05/07/2010 09:40 PM GMT0
Harta de todo
Cuando me concedieron la beca Erasmus, pensé que era lo mejor que me había pasado en mi vida universitaria, solo que algunas personas no comparten mi alegría y yo esperaba que sí lo hiciesen.Es doloroso ver como las personas que más te tienen que apoyar, es decir, tus padres no comparten esa...

Posted by Asian Tennis @ 04/21/2010 11:48 AM GMT5.5
Vazirani All India Talent Series Results
Vazirani All India Talent Series & Maharashtra State Ranking Junior Tennis Tournament 19th to 23rd April, 2010 Vazirani National Sports Academy, Nerul     Tanya shocks top seed Jinisha Patel   Girls’ under-14 top seed Jinisha Patel and boys’...

Posted by arts,teens,musics @ 04/10/2010 11:43 AM GMT7
Era Gembelisasi semakin menjadi, sebut saja , , , , dan masih banyak lagi jejaring sosial yang merajalele dan membuat semakin bodoh saja..*bagi yang bodoh.. Banyak dampak yang negatif ditimbulkan dari situs jejaring sosial ini, misalkan untuk selingkuh,mendua,menggembel,da n yang terakhir yang...


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