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Posted by comunicación @ 10/12/2008 03:32 PM GMT0
Ante la crisis gritaría: “Muera el mal, muera el capital”… Lolo Rico y la bruja avería
Hoy me he encontrado con el anuncio del nuevo libro de Lolo Rico, sus memorias . Guionista y realizadora de televisión. La creadora del mítico programa ‘La bola de cristal’, en ese maravilloso periódico moderno que es “El público”. Hace muchos años, organicé con unos...

Posted by Cuzimshort4life @ 10/12/2008 03:38 AM GMT-8
haven't been on here in a long time..... i think i pretty much forgot i had it. but i needed to let some feelings out and i dunno how else to but to blog at 3:30 in the morning so tonight went to a party, it was a double kegger, in which mean much funn. they had a pretty nice set up...

Posted by Ruber @ 09/19/2008 09:48 AM GMT0
Sammála klerk
Það er ekki oft sem ég sammælist trúarleiðtogum en þessu verð ég bara að vera sammála. Mikki mús er klárlega dragbítur á skemmtilegar persónur Disney og hefur alltaf valdið mér ákveðnum ama. Ég fletti venjulega hraðar í gegnum sögur af honum heldur en öðrum í Andrésarblöðum og -bókum og yrði missir...

Posted by Blog Saya @ 06/10/2008 03:54 PM GMT6
Rumah Baru Along Safa
Sukacita dimaklumkan, AlongSafa kini menubuhkan rumah baru di:   Selamat Melayari

Posted by bee(ism) @ 04/03/2008 05:14 PM GMT7
Kursi saya gedeeee....
Jadi hari ini gue memulai hari profesional gue dengan sebuah pemandangan yang agak mengganggu. Begitu buka pintu ruangan gue di kantor, sebuah kursi gede warna item, mengkilat karena jok dan sandarannya ketat terbungkus plastik, menyergap seluruh ruang pandang gue. Hee? Kursi siapa...

Posted by mylittleworld @ 02/05/2008 01:34 PM GMT8
new year is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tml is new year eve and it is the time for reunion dinner, luckily tis year everyting turn out fine, haha, thank u so much. i finally realised that life is so unpredictable. in life, you are bound to meet all kinds of people. people who cut queues, people who sit down at the table without asking,...

Posted by clarkkent22 @ 02/01/2008 06:19 PM GMT7
Season 1, Episode 17 - IF
Bodie's Weekly Top 5 LSS (Last Song Syndrome) Hitlist: [Courtesy of] 1. If - Babyface 2. The Man I Was With You - Jimmy Bondoc 3. Umbrella (Acoustic version) - KC Concepcion 4. Ever Ever After - Carrie Underwood 5. Time After Time - Eva Cassidy Bodie out!

Posted by A Mad Tea Party @ 12/28/2007 07:34 PM GMT-5
Let's See How Far We've Come
Wow, I think it's high time to get back to Blog Drive, which traslates into...I"m on Christmas Break from College and EXTREMELY BORED- without a license! Okay so College is excellent, I'm a newbie of the iup fencing team. Joined French club but never's so lame lol. Need a job desperately -...

Posted by stickyfloor @ 11/24/2007 11:57 AM GMT8
One More Chance
And I finally got to see another movie! Yeah!I'm seeing another one later tonight as well (Enchanted), and I'm just soo glad that the movie slump is over. Well, sort of. After Stardust, it seemed as though the only movies playing were action/political/bad comedy ones, so I didn't get to watch...

Posted by Weaves @ 11/19/2007 12:15 PM GMT8
So I managed to survive the first semester of my second year in graduate school.  It's all good.  In spite of taking 9 units, I think things went well.  However, I do think that I wasn't able to exert much effort in some of the projects that we had.  I guess things would have...


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