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Posted by sweetspirit @ 09/29/2008 10:02 PM GMT10.5
All the small things
When some one goes away or leaves us , be it Gods will .All the small things we remember become so much more :) .Like the first painting you done at pre-school and gave to me to put on my fridge.How you always loved to draw and paint at my place . You always wanted the green party masks and loved...

Posted by Eva @ 09/23/2008 10:09 PM GMT0
Sasta frslan
ar sem g er frekar fastheldin og haldssm (er einhver sammla?) tla g a flytja mig og blogga framvegis. Bi styur Mac-inn minn ekki blogdrive og g get gert frekar takmarkaa hluti hrna og san er g a fla blogspot betur eftir a g lri aeins a....

Posted by missviolet @ 10/02/2007 11:15 PM GMT7
    My VPN is not working. It is really sucks. I'm not manage to working till late everyday. It's tiring. Help me. Maybe I should learn how to organize my work properly. Wuaaa....... Well, I just got my leave application approved today. Felt so relieved after weeks my...

Posted by Sngjandi sveifla @ 10/02/2007 01:50 PM GMT0
Hausti komi
Gan daginn, er sumarfri mitt enda og n blogfrsla a lta dagsins ljs. En stan fyrir v a g bloga dag er samt skemmtileg frtt sem g s RV frttunum. ar var tala um a flk vill ekki kaupa svrt ea litu svi. Einungis hvt! Erum vi tala um a...

Posted by Pet Stylist @ 08/23/2007 02:22 PM GMT-8
when groomers bite their tongues, the pet suffers
 in Las Vegas our laws regarding reporting animal abuse are pretty much: blind eye/turn the other the grooming salon where i work we see some horrendous cases of animal abuse and neglect. i have seen more severely matted cases in a week that have OWNERS than i did in an entire...

Posted by tooMELLOW @ 06/16/2007 02:33 PM GMT-1
Bored...... and BBQ later!
WHERE: Boyfriend's houseWHEN: 4:28 p.m.WHY: Ever so patiently waiting for the boyfriend to wake up while I update this thing.What a lifeless month. I'm bored as hell. Field Placement wasn't so bad after all. I actually liked it this time. After that was done I didn't have anything planned for the...

Posted by sea_swallowme @ 05/29/2007 07:25 PM GMT-8
r00mate w0es.
looking at my roomate's facebook pictures reminds me of how spoiled & fucking annoying she was. so glad her family moved close to the college so that i wouldn't have to see her ugly face too too much. i'm mean. but she's a fucking whore clit face & i hated her & i was tired of faking nice & acting...

Posted by DaynaM's Journal @ 04/27/2007 09:53 PM GMT-5
a time to drift ....
Well hello..its been quite a while since I have wrote. I have been really busy lately..Working two jobs... trying to go to the beach as many times as possible...and ending a love that my heart couldnt take.Wesley... * was a great contributor to my journey in life. I wanna regret going to...

Posted by havaianas @ 02/08/2007 12:00 AM GMT-8
COLEO FLOWERSFLOWERS COLLECTION / COLECCIN FLOWERS Branco / White / Blanco Vermelho / Red / Rojo Verde claro / Light green / Verde claro Lavanda / Lavender

Posted by heart4japan @ 02/01/2007 04:49 PM GMT8
The Process
Dear Friends,   It had been a pleasure to always pray with you. I want to beg your pardon as I have a personal request her e, that you would pray together with me now, and support me with your prayers.  I feel God is leading me in this way, and it would be a major...


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