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Posted by gulcin ulusoy @ 02/13/2012 11:22 PM GMT2
aşk dediğimiz sadece niyettir...
ne mutlu ki secme&yerlestirme eğitimim vardi... yerlestirme de çığır açmak adina; hiç olmayacak bir ekim akşami Istanbula kaçtım. sanırım burda bir tek elimizde seçme kalmıştı. sadece takdir ve iyi dilekler bildirdigim biriydi önceleri.... sakin, sessiz, tedbirkar ve olabildigince...

Posted by Isu Kini @ 05/27/2011 06:45 PM GMT8
Malaysia Jual Minyaklah. Apa Cerita Subsidi-Subsidi Ni?
Oleh: mazwandi"Sistem akal tapak kaki.Malaysia jual minyak. Dan Malaysia juga beli minyak. Jual minyak untung bilion-bilion. Beli minyak kena keluar duit. Jual tolak beli, yang untung bilion-bilion itu menunjukkan jual lebih tinggi dari beli. Sebab itu namanya untung.Tapi pelik bin ajaib, sebab...

Posted by For Ur Eyez Only @ 10/10/2010 10:10 AM GMT8
:: Moving ::
Hey hey... it's 10.10.10. In conjunction with this beautiful date I know announce that I'm moving this blog to a new home. You could still visit here for my past entries but starting from today, I'm gonna be writing at:http://phattgurll.blogspot. com(click here)Phatgurl.blogspot is no longer...

Posted by Swirl @ 06/30/2010 03:09 PM GMT-8
Firearem death rate
Someone sent me this funny quote back in March that I thought I should share.  I have no idea where these numbers came from or how valid they are, but it's so tongue-in-check. "If you consider that there has been an average of 160,000 troops in the Iraq theater of operations during the past...

Posted by supeross @ 03/11/2010 12:19 AM GMT6
my new blog
Adventures from HOMEhttp://domesticatediva.liv    

Posted by LOVE EVERYDAY. @ 10/18/2009 09:13 PM GMT10
Hi guys. I've moved to Tumblr :(http://love-everyday.tumblr .comClick click click.I think it's a permanent change.I don't think I'll do the usual Tumblr stuff like reblogging of posts/photos.But yeah. I didn't include comments there.Hope that's ok.Bye lovers, xo!

Posted by Visibili-T @ 08/24/2009 02:16 AM GMT8
Visibili-T goes retail!
Hurrah! Visibili-T is now in stores! Well, in a store... Check out our little oblong display cube at inQbox at Raffles City,in the basement near Mos Burger! Our whole first series is there, and available at promotional prices to celebrate our new home! As you...

Posted by .:Ladyvierz:. @ 07/08/2009 05:03 AM GMT7
Keep Track
this way.

Posted by wickedjoy @ 10/05/2008 10:06 PM GMT-8
ANDYAnd I spent 29 years 6 months 11 days and 18 hours waiting for you my Mr. Right,and you came without hesitation, without doubt, without holding back. Its finally you, its ideally you whom I was born for and you for me, a destiny.Never would I let you slip away, will hold you tight my...

Posted by sweetspirit @ 09/29/2008 10:02 PM GMT10.5
All the small things
When some one goes away or leaves us , be it Gods will .All the small things we remember become so much more :) .Like the first painting you done at pre-school and gave to me to put on my fridge.How you always loved to draw and paint at my place . You always wanted the green party masks and loved...


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