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Posted by aletheapple @ 01/12/2014 07:10 PM GMT-8
What’s the first step of choosing a wedding dress? Do you have any idea about the styles of wedding dress? Before starting the journey of choosing our wedding dress, the first step we should do is surely to have a general learn about the wedding dress. Today, we will give a brief introduce about...

Posted by Neevov @ 12/24/2013 03:14 PM GMT5.5
Online Clothing Shopping Direct from Factory in India offers unique opportunities to shopping online direct from factory. Portal features are the following Fabric standard: international level Free shopping: above orders of the Rs.450 Clothing type: blank T-shirt, leggings and babies romper. Clothing for: Men, women, kids and...

Posted by ViviFashion @ 11/18/2013 08:02 PM GMT-8
New Ambassador of ViviFashion
Blogger Nicole Tan of wears lenses from ViviFashion!On the pictures above, she is wearing Charme Mesmerize Blue, Charme Eclipse Brown and Dueba Super Celeb Nudy Green.Her comments on Charme lens' comfort.Quickly get your pair of beautiful lens HERE!

Posted by whoeverme @ 06/07/2013 04:19 PM GMT7
2 Juni 2013. Sore. Sendiri
Di mana pun dan dengan siapa pun kamu berada...Semoga kamu selalu mensyukuri kebahagiaan.Sesederhana apapun itu.Sesederhana hadiah kecil ini untuk kamu.Happy birthday to "it's you"

Posted by Kaos Kata @ 05/18/2013 08:08 PM GMT7
Tips Memilih Kaos Polos
Kaos polos merupakan salah satu pilihan pakaian bagi orang yang suka bergaya santai. Karena pemakai kaos polos, akan terlihat santai, non formal dan fleksibel. Namun, sebelum Anda menggunakan kaos polos, biasanya ada pertimbangan lain. Misalnya jenis sablonnya, atau bahan kaos ataupun jenis...

Posted by CaptainLukman @ 12/01/2012 04:54 PM GMT3
new home
Tak tahu lah sakit apa si Blogdrive ni, last update was on 6th. Nov pastu last 2 entries in Nov month tak publish-publish walaupun dah naik jahanam laptop dinasour ku iniiewww.ELeh macam update kan? Disebabkan itu maka I menerima saranan si Esah untuk pindah ke rumah baru. Katanya hubungan aku...

Posted by RedMinX @ 02/23/2013 12:44 AM GMT-6
A Chill Friday Night with Friends at 55 Bar
It's a great thing when you can just chillax with friends and make fun of everything and every word that comes about. They like me in-love (even though it's one sided of course) and they love that side of me I've hidden for so long. J says I'm crazy but he loves my crazy and tells me never...

Posted by ERIN @ 09/28/2012 02:11 AM GMT8
New Job???
Salam dan Selamat pagi blog ku...Hari nih 28 september 2012, esok roadtax keta aku mati... keta aku pon masih dalam bengkel.. kalo ikot calculation mean da dekat 2 bulan gak aku x keje...jobless Sebelum aku nk cite pasal new job nih, izikan aku cerita pasal keta aku dulu yang merupakan satu2nya...

Posted by NeO ETeRNaL WoRLD @ 09/20/2012 09:16 AM GMT7
Bridal Photoshoot In Taiwan (Behind The Scenes)
Taiwan!Yes, that's the country hubby and I headed to get our bridal photoshoot done. We signed up photography package with one of the most well-known bridal shop there (that's what I heard from other locals there). I was just lucky to spot it and it was a fluke. There's no time to tour...

Posted by Fashion Bags9 @ 05/08/2012 08:40 PM GMT-8
Jordan 4 Knicks Price Comparison A Perfect Method For Smart Shopping
The Jordan 4 Cavs is yet another pair of Jordan sneakers that show love to the Big Apple. Jordan Brand recently release a couple pair of sneakers in New York Knicks colorways. Today we get the first look at the AJ 4 Retro 'NY Knicks' and they don't disappoint. There will not be a large...


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