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Posted by gunners place @ 04/20/2006 03:48 PM GMT9
sotsuken... nani yaruno ka mada yoku wakaran dakedo ichiou yatte minai to wakaran yarou? dakara ima yettenno

Posted by sfw @ 04/16/2006 12:06 PM GMT7
Shung Jiu's new blog
I've already open a new blog.This blog has this Trojan Horse called "Poh Nee".and since Poh Nee open a new so called "joint blog", so I also open a new blog lah.http://shizozico.blogdrive .comand most of you already known this blog as a blog where is mostly about Poh Nee.Poh Nee owes me a...

Posted by SandMan @ 04/11/2006 12:23 PM GMT2
Great Friends, Great Music.......
So, here I am back again. Time sure flies when your being worked like a pack donkey. Let me see, what updates can I put here about my life ??? Oh, I recently went to a cool day party called H2O and had the time of my life. Most of my friends pitched up there aswel so we all had a vet jol. As...

Posted by my back side @ 04/09/2006 11:42 PM GMT7
Timed Greeting Script Make your site intuitive. Wouldn't’t it be nice to have a greeting on your page that responds to the time of day?This little script does just that. You can paste this into your html document in the location you would like the greeting to appear. That’s all there is to...

Posted by Eclecticlife @ 03/16/2006 05:31 PM GMT-8
    Jane utterly ignores the tap tap tap of her shoes against the brick building next to her.  The sound isn't loud but seem to pierce the air more poingantly than any other sound around her.  She is wasted.  Her large black coat is wrapped around her a little too...

Posted by Allison's blog @ 03/06/2006 02:05 AM GMT-5
So I'm back at school. So...yep. I talked to Hayden today. He said that he would think about dating me again. But he also seemed to think I should try dating other people. At least that's how he acted. I guess that kind of confused me. Does he want me to wait for him or does he want me to just move...

Posted by Luci e Ombre @ 02/18/2006 05:48 PM GMT1
Hide and Seek
Where are we what the hell is going on the dust has only just begun to fall crop circles in the carpet...

Posted by °º»raggie« º° @ 02/06/2006 07:18 PM GMT10.5
. . . junkii is bakk!
wadupz XD . . umm yerz . . its been wat? 4 monthz? XD sooo . . . currentli watchinz tv n all . . so yer . . uhh was warrik festivals a few daiz ago yer . . uhh . . yer went to spray n all dat . . wast'd 5 buks on dis rose for tammiz . . sprayd evryone i saw . . dat i knew duh . . like . . JeNnY!!!...

Posted by Darkage Raven @ 01/31/2006 03:22 AM GMT-5
Layer 2
I thank both Will and Tim as I know they import in the ideal was not only indepth but of the intellectual persuasion. People who have known me throught out the years have noticed I have changed and I have expanded but once again I have seen myself do this growth as if I was not the one doing it. I...

Posted by Dream_Land @ 01/30/2006 11:46 AM GMT-5
A Tour Of Kohana and It's Villagers
A Tour Of Kohana and It's Villagers Created: 03.18.2005 Last Updated: 01.28.2006 Number of Entries: 42 Rated: PG 10 Description:  Welco me to Kohana. Kohana is the famous ninja leaf village we live. Let me show you around. ...


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