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Posted by Josephine @ 10/26/2005 08:29 PM GMT-5
**Holy Hell its been a while!**
Hey people!!! I just remembered my blogdrive name n password so im gunna try n do this again. There's much to update about but i dont have the time cuz i must do ap bio homework! to you soon! Josie

Posted by suxin @ 10/20/2005 10:37 PM GMT10.5
entry wateva
exams over. and im closing down my blog. enjoying my days i feel realli happy.

Posted by BuenaChanga88 @ 09/02/2005 11:11 PM GMT-6
In April I heard from an old friend of mine, we met in summer 2003. Him and I are good friends, I'm surprised we kept in touch after we parted. I'm so thankful to be in his life and him in mine. We met at a conference that was taken place at Notre Dame University, the conference was a week long,...

Posted by shweetenshuga @ 08/14/2005 08:38 PM GMT-7
hanging on...8.0
  "Behind These Hazel Eyes" Seems like just yesterday You were a part of me I used to stand so tall I used to be so strong Your arms around me tight Unbreakable, like nothin' could go wrong Now I can't breath No, I can't sleep I'm barely hanging on Here I am, once again I'm...

Posted by beautynepal @ 08/03/2005 01:46 AM GMT-8
Beauty Parlor & Hair Style in Nepal
                 ;      ;      ; BEAUTY TIPS-(NEPAL)       ;      ;      ;B.B.C. Institute,Putalisadak Chowk,...

Posted by jilly_willy @ 07/23/2005 03:07 PM GMT-6
so yeah...its saturday today.  been pretty lame so far.  yesterday, work was pretty good.  damn noah was back...but he was pretty good for once...not as bad as he has been.  but yeah....a lot of the kids went on a field trip, so we didnt have too many...which was fine...we...

Posted by Business @ 07/18/2005 11:28 PM GMT-8
Starting Now...
Starting NOw...

Posted by Kingdom Hearts 2 @ 06/10/2005 01:34 AM GMT4.5
Bien, bien, sabemos que han salido miles de noticias más de Kingdom Hearts, al menos mientras duró, esto fue bueno, probablemente después regresemos...Maldito tiempo, no lo supimos aprovechar bien, por eso se nos fueron miles de noticias, sin embargo, gracias a los que nos visitaron...Saludos!

Posted by Flower Fairy @ 05/25/2005 08:19 PM GMT0
All's Fair In Love And War....
So anyhoo, I am indeed now going out avec Cal after all. Alls well that ends well...

Posted by circe-isms @ 04/21/2005 03:39 AM GMT8
Starting Over (ETC Style!)
This blog has been pretty inactive for quite a while now, and believe me, it's not because I don't find anything to write about anymore. I get writing ideas. All the time, actually. I just forget all about it by the time I get home is all. Anyway, I've somewhat decided that I'd be moving all...


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