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Posted by BB/DM RPS @ 08/16/2004 08:35 PM GMT-5
Drabble Monaboyd
Dom sighed and ran his fingers through Billy's hair. It just seemed too surreal. Yesterday Billy had dumped Ali on live TV and told Dom that he loved Dom and always had. It seemed like a fairy tale. Dom had wanted this for so long and now he was afraid that it wasn't real. If he was dreaming he...

Posted by Blackd*Out*Echo @ 08/11/2004 05:47 PM GMT-6
well...that's that then. schedule and assessments (oo, that sounds waaay to official) homeroom/1st period:   Mrs. Vann-Writt. Comm. I HATE PATTI!!!!!  o my god, do you KNOW how annoying it is to sit behind that girl while she's going on about how punkish she...

Posted by ivetecita @ 08/02/2004 08:47 PM GMT-8
clase 5
y la mas facil dejenme decirle bueno entran a blogdrive, en blog configuration ahy es donde ponen blog name, direcion, categorias y etc vayan a donde dice Comment Text ahy 2 campos allenar o modificar, en el 1ero l k pongan es lo k se ve antes d k les dejen un comentario, y ebn el 2do kuando ya...

Posted by Keanus Revolution @ 07/11/2004 10:55 AM GMT-8
Just something I made
Hey there! Well being another BORING Sunday... I made this :) Im working on a music video right now and Im sort of in the middle of it, coming up with ideas... so wish me luck! :) Well here it is (don't know what to think of it except that I kinda like it) lol Have fun... :)

Posted by Ravenclaw @ 07/09/2004 10:56 PM GMT7
EAGLES' nest!
ei guys! congrats for placing 2nd!!! :D here's the thing though...we are currently in 3rd place in the overall ranking (1st and 2nd phases combined) any suggestions on what we should do? i know a lot of people out there are very creative and talented! madami dyan gifted w/ photoshop skills!...

Posted by ~!I Love Dillon!~ @ 07/08/2004 07:31 PM GMT-7
SHANA!!! i coldn't put it on ma free webs... so ill put it on l8er! love you! *MUAH*
Well shana… this ma page bout you… hee hee now what should I say… and no one else should read this.. but if you want to go ahead… I warned you though…. well here goes:You are a freak!! But that’s ok… but ur only a freak cuz u used to say you don’t believe in god and now you say that you do believe...

Posted by El Espejo Medusa @ 07/03/2004 02:51 PM GMT-6
El Espejo Medusa
Hola a todos, bueno este es el Blog Especial del Espejo Medusa, Aqui Estara este Maravilloso Fan Fiction ganador el premio Rowling a mejor Fan Fic del 2004, muchas gracias a todos, y los 3 autores les damos las gracias por el premio y por leer nuestro Fic, que esperemos les guste, les recordamos...

Posted by Nadia @ 06/22/2004 10:59 PM GMT-8
I HAVE BEAD NEWS Well for you Blogdrive-ers Im leavin blogdrive for LIVE JOURNAL its better So if you want to see how i am doing click me! Im sorrry I LOVE ALL MY BLOG HOMIES! COME VISIT ME ON LJ AND LEAVE SOME COMMENTS! And dont worry guys, I'll come visit Just like the old...

Posted by jhenhao @ 05/09/2004 12:52 AM GMT11
so stress nowadays, wonder got any fun goin on outside? so sad, few friends, boring, so boring.

Posted by lUvhUrts @ 05/05/2004 02:26 PM GMT9.5
lIStenINg to YEs 933 - mAYDAy- weN ROu kAOz... tt eiLEEn reaLLy gVE me alOT probleM Sia... tHE d/O cant find then aLL PUSh to me... cbcbcb..... kNS!! haiz... well...well...... mON nite keri callED me awHIle then until nw i nv call hEr..... im cONTROlinG... lOl..... c dUN call wIll hOW ?? lOl......


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