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Posted by Kingdom Hearts 2 @ 06/10/2005 01:34 AM GMT4.5
Bien, bien, sabemos que han salido miles de noticias más de Kingdom Hearts, al menos mientras duró, esto fue bueno, probablemente después regresemos...Maldito tiempo, no lo supimos aprovechar bien, por eso se nos fueron miles de noticias, sin embargo, gracias a los que nos visitaron...Saludos!

Posted by The U-Files @ 03/14/2005 04:14 PM GMT-8
Ugly for Everyone
There are always some unfortunate souls out there that have either fame or bad fashion sense. This page is a tribute to the few poor people who embody both of these traits. Whether the offense is repeated, or a lapse of judgement caused by some unknown factor involving glue-sniffing and/or...

Posted by Eternity @ 03/05/2005 04:03 PM GMT7
It's official...
It's official, folks. If you come here to look for me or to see what's going with me... you won't find anything here that is new. If you want news about me go to MySpace's page. That's where you will find out all about me daily life. ++ MySpace page ++ Yep, that's it. See you...

Posted by ::swirl @ 02/12/2005 04:53 PM GMT8
"Around the end of 98, blink decided to stop touring and started work on their next album, Enema of the State. This gained even more commercial exposure than Dude Ranch, and helped expose the band to whole new groups of listeners. And the reasoning behind the title? According to Mark Hoppus, "In...

Posted by Saint Sassy's @ 12/29/2004 05:57 PM GMT-6
Look around! What's happened here!? Saint Sassy's got mutilated But hush now, don't Fear! Took off for a moment, but I'm still alive With a brand new Brina Blog for Two Thousand Five So check back real soon, when it's up in a few Seasons Greetings, my...

Posted by Killing me softly @ 11/29/2004 04:08 PM GMT-6
Ashton Kutcher! NO, means NO!!!
The stores are all filled with gifts and lights, children screaming for this toy and that toy. Couples fighting over which toaster is better suited for Aunt Claire. Grown men spending hours in the perfume section spraying this and that on sample cards. Women strolling through the power drills...

Posted by xbabygrlx @ 11/21/2004 04:52 PM GMT-5
..heii ...
heyy guys? how are you?? ... i cant belive that i still have a website ?!?!?!!?... or that it still exists !!!.... well this year of 2004... i have gone through lots of stuff.... with my personal life , my love life and with my friendship !!... but i went thorugh it and now everything is...

Posted by lamagia @ 11/15/2004 08:29 AM GMT-8

Posted by lamagia @ 11/14/2004 12:43 PM GMT-8
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Posted by lamagia @ 11/14/2004 05:40 AM GMT-8
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