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Posted by quixotic18 @ 04/23/2009 09:19 PM GMT6
pet society
hi!!!   if you love pet society please VISIT THE LINK       thanks     tam

Posted by ejwhobbitlover @ 07/01/2007 10:09 PM GMT-6
you need that boy like a bowling ball dropped on your head
So everyone...whats new? no one talks to me any more and it makes me sad!!! but um...really call me people im bored outta my mind! My Pappa passed away this past week and it was really really rough. i'm really gonna miss him a ton! I've never seen my brother cry like that and i never want to see...

Posted by Deadfk @ 05/07/2007 04:52 PM GMT-8
Last night, Darth Vader came down from planet Vulcan and told me that if I didn't make this website, he'd melt my brain...
Hey there! This place is brand new, so I'm hoping it's going to get off to a good start. Right now I'm trying to get Crispin Glover fans from the MySpace and IMDb communities to join, because I really like you guys (yes, I've been lurking among your groups and forums for ages, hardly posting...

Posted by Billy Boyd Parody @ 12/21/2006 09:13 PM GMT-8
Why hello! It is me Billy! It's been a great couple of years. My girlfriend had a baby, Jack. Fatherhood has really changed me, actually. I mean, how can a child be that energetic? Was I that energetic as a child? I remember as a kid I would jump on the walls and pretend I was Spiderman. This time...

Posted by CATS RPS @ 11/17/2006 11:38 PM GMT-5
Moving This Journal
I have alot less complainers at LJ about thsi journal and its where I post most of my writings. PLEASE DO NOT come and complain on the LJ. For many reasons.   1. its just RUDE. I do not go visit your sites and make crude remarks about somethign I do not agree with 2. We aren't as nice as I...

Posted by Anything,Anything @ 08/25/2006 08:14 AM GMT-8
Weekend Plans.
Mmmkay.  I actually have plans for this weekend.  o_o  Isn't that new.  I have a sleepover to go to this afternoon to tomorrow morning, where I must be picked up early to go and volunteer at that Book Sale thing...for a couple of hours.  Hmm.  Eh.  I hope the...

Posted by Never Fullfilled @ 07/14/2006 04:33 PM GMT-8
they left.
hello, my old friend. i miss this here blog. So many times ive written in this a couple years ago. Ive been so depressed lately. My fucking shit head roomates moved out on me. NO, let me rephrase that,  my fucking cunt face "friends"--- they left me stranded. Just didnt even care that, I...

Posted by Keana in the Box @ 07/14/2006 12:40 PM GMT-10
Some Fun Tutorials
      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;    Here is A fun & Easy tutorial that I...

Posted by Alpha ROcks @ 05/31/2006 03:16 AM GMT-8
Just Another ...
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Posted by nocturnal screen @ 05/15/2006 04:07 PM GMT8
Ima Ai Ni Yukimasu / Be With You (2004)
Starring: Yuko Takeuchi, Shido Nakamura, Akashi TakeiOST: Hana by Orange RangeRating:****Top: Yuko Takeuchi and Shido Nakamura in Ima Ai Ni Yukimasu/Be With You (2004)Bottom: Ewan McGregor in Big Fish (2003)Seriously, using the rain in movies is such a cheat. I had no doubts that I would...


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