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Posted by toot toot!!! @ 10/02/2007 04:24 AM GMT9.5
huwow.... it has been a long time since i last laid eyes on this page... date of last entry is september of 2006... CLEARLY i can say that a lot has happened... let's see.... work... around that time i was still working out of tower 1 as a borrowed employee to help start our account there at the...

Posted by sheblogs @ 08/07/2007 06:47 PM GMT8
i used a blogger based layout. I just wanna know if it works. The layout wont work with blogger but it worked with blogdrive? I was so pissed of at blogger I decided to create another blog here. So what shall I be writing about? Maybe something, maybe nothing.It depends on my mood. I just have to...

Posted by imam ibnu amru @ 08/04/2007 05:38 AM GMT-8
imam ibnu amru
Abu 'Amru Nama : Zabban b. al-'Ala b. 'Umar b. al-Iryan b. Abdullah b. al-Husin Tarikh Lahir : 68 atau 70 H di Makkah. Tarikh Wafat : 154 H di Kufah, Iraq. Gelaran : Ibnu al-'Ala. Sifat peribadi :      Seorang yang sagat dihormati di kalangan bangsa...

Posted by Web Litter @ 06/28/2007 12:32 PM GMT-5
Backgrounds 2
Escher-ness quotient = 1885167113  

Posted by Princess Graphics @ 06/24/2007 11:24 AM GMT-5
Quote Graphics

Posted by Blundering Blogs @ 06/13/2007 10:10 AM GMT5.5
The differance...
"Time is the best teacher, but unfortunately, it kills all of its students - Robin Willams     ;      ;      ;      ;      ;   "Gravity however potent it be... still cannot be...

Posted by Design Templates @ 05/07/2007 05:28 AM GMT0
BlogOut on 24th May in Singapore
Meet Seigey in BlogOut! What is BlogOut? Following on Nexus 2007, The Digital Movement is taking one step further by having a gathering of various communities and pockets of bloggers to get to know each other! We at BlogDrive Templates acknowledges their efforts and want to allow these...

Posted by Kisah Curseshadow @ 05/06/2007 07:30 PM GMT7
Hurm.. betul2 punye lama aku tak menaip kat blog ku nih.. ayat sure berterabur.. aku cuba nak beralih arah guna blogspot.. so sedang ikhtiar utk edit layout blogspot menggunakan dreamweaver.. harap2 tak la cam bengong jadinye layout tuh nanti..  so lepas nih, akan...

Posted by ARS Blogger Skin @ 03/31/2007 07:08 AM GMT7

Posted by hodge @ 02/14/2007 05:04 PM GMT6.5
Quick Fix for Sony's White/Blank LCD Screen Defect
In a world where there is no such thing as a free lunch, I hereby hail the "Quick Fix."The parents were going out to bond with the family from the mother's side, but I had a migraine and must stay behind. To forever remember dinner at Max's, my father decided to bring my brother's 1-year-old Sony...


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