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Posted by Sameo @ 01/18/2004 01:03 PM GMT5.5
Hello Rajesh
  Should rajesh be here

Posted by Yuki's World @ 01/16/2004 11:03 PM GMT8
New Year Moods~
Today finally managed to go down Orchard for yet another break. Everywhere is packed with people rushing to buy new year goodies. Typical Singaporeans i supposed. I was told that lots of people are shopping around but pathetically few people are actually spending the money. Are they waiting for...

Posted by Zac's Blog @ 01/14/2004 03:19 PM GMT-5
Read In
Song-The Chemical Brothers, The TestHeyhey today I learned i will do the morning news at school tomarrow!!!! YAY!!! I also had a read in Well cyaZac

Posted by besharat @ 01/08/2004 11:16 AM GMT-8
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ی ی ی Ԙ ی ی ǐ ј ی ی ...

Posted by Cricket Series @ 01/07/2004 05:08 PM GMT9
Test Series between India and Australia
A treat to watch Dravid play a series full of runs. He has undisputedly proved that he is the contender for the best Test Player in the world. The runs came at a pace and at a time when India needed most and that made a lot of difference to the outlook of the team and series as a whole. The...

Posted by Bent Crew @ 01/04/2004 04:39 PM GMT-6
I'm bored
If you do a search for "Bent Crew" on Google, this website is the second to last entry on the second page. I just thought that was pretty cool. Of course, we are listed after these turd burglars, so that kinda sucks: /2003_11_02_bent_halo_archive. html  See ya,...

Posted by batch197 @ 12/23/2003 03:27 PM GMT5.5
True friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. Samegoes for true love.

Posted by secretsword @ 12/20/2003 10:42 AM GMT-8
I'm feeling much better today so I think I'll add more graphics and a chapter later.Right now I'm just glad that there's no school for 2 weeks.Yuppy!That means extra graphics for Secret Sword.

Posted by Ruminations @ 12/14/2003 02:28 PM GMT5.5
PowerPoint Makes You Dumb
Read this interesting pieces on New York Times. Something I always wondered is getting proven Computers were smart people in fron tof dumb terminals in the 60's and it has sure come 180 degrees in 3...

Posted by Stormcloud @ 12/13/2003 01:39 PM GMT-8
Coliseum Done! YES! + Conversations
I turned in the "Gold" final version of Coliseum yesterday (after fixing a few last minute bugs that always seem to crop up at the last second) and i'm at the end of my 11 month journey creating it. It was a blast, i'll tell you, but it was also more actual work than some of my other games. It...


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