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Posted by Manjeeva.NET @ 08/03/2004 11:18 AM GMT6
Food for thought
Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me either, just f--- off and leave me alone.  The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a flat tyre.  The darkest hours come just before the dawn....

Posted by shibukraj @ 07/24/2004 02:31 PM GMT-6
DB2 Certified Today
To start the process of exploring the basics of DB2 database I started to study the fundamentals week back. Today I gave the exam and feel so happy that I passed the exam with 72%. I know this is not an impressive score, but given the fact , the amount of work I am handling now, this is great. Also...

Posted by Dotnet @ 06/28/2004 04:12 PM GMT1
Datagrid Validation
Having a .Net web form with an editable datagrid and using the footer to add new records, I wanted to add a RequiredFieldValidator in the footer. This is done by editing the HTML and adding <asp:RequiredFieldValidato r id="val_id" ControlToValidate="MyControlI d" ErrorMessage="Required"...

Posted by mikecar52 @ 04/20/2004 03:17 PM GMT9.5
Some web pages load to 38% but fail on home network
I am running a peer to peer home network. A p3 667 compaq desktop connected to internet running w2kpro with 2 laptop wireless clients. 1 on xppro other on w2kpro. My wife and I found we were getting some pages not loading. After searching the web for hours I found the answer on...

Posted by Documentor @ 02/09/2004 06:47 PM GMT5.5
Website / Workshops
Hi, My site is finally up at Please note the g! Thanks to Madhu Menon from the TWIN list who sent me the URL to download the template which I used for the site. I am celebrating the Year of Technical Writing Training. So the site will focus on my training efforts....

Posted by emio @ 02/09/2004 04:27 PM GMT8
gambaran laman web ditukar ke bentuk imejan..hanya perlu taip URL dan simpan dlm bentuk yg terpilih spt PNG JPG BMP TIFF URL2BMP

Posted by Unlimited @ 02/08/2004 07:22 PM GMT8
Stressed days are back!
Suddenly I felt like dying, I can't convince myself to live on. Perharps I am really tired. There will be series of meetings coming up on next week. I wanted to spend more free time on my personel stuffs such as continue my webdesigning and stuffs... But I guess I am locked down. Stress X 10

Posted by abdiaziz @ 02/02/2004 02:07 PM GMT5.5
Somaliland to get a GSM network
Somaliland to get a GSM networkTecore Wireless Systems says that it received an order from Telsom Mobile for a GSM network deployment in Somaliland. This network, operating as Telsom Somaliland and serving the capital Hargeysa and surrounding cities, is the first wireless network connecting Somalia...

Posted by titi joon @ 02/01/2004 11:24 PM GMT3.5
bad bakhti as noeeee normll
salam be hameye shoma dostan albate on haeee ke alan daran ino mikhonan vallha as ghadima migoftan ke: hama bargh migire maro che ragh barghi(hah ha hah ha be dalile cambod smiles) alhe roooze 4 shanbe system be man ba man bye bye kard va raft ghabrestonalan ham ba ye system noooooo omadam ke...

Posted by UML resources @ 01/30/2004 11:56 AM GMT8
Visauladigm General Features
in Visaul Paradigm for UML Snap in/out effect for visual containment indication Latest UML Notation Support Context-Sensitive Help Automatic Diagram Layout Textual Analysis in Project Level or Use Case Level Element Finder for Easy Lookup of Diagram Elements Learning Center for learning...


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