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Posted by imam ibnu amru @ 08/04/2007 05:38 AM GMT-8
imam ibnu amru
Abu 'Amru Nama : Zabban b. al-'Ala b. 'Umar b. al-Iryan b. Abdullah b. al-Husin Tarikh Lahir : 68 atau 70 H di Makkah. Tarikh Wafat : 154 H di Kufah, Iraq. Gelaran : Ibnu al-'Ala. Sifat peribadi :      Seorang yang sagat dihormati di kalangan bangsa...

Posted by Moose BETA @ 11/18/2006 09:33 PM GMT-5
ENTRY 006: Mamamia!!!
GeneralSorry I haven't been around to update, but that "minor problem" metioned earlier, turned out to be a HUGE problem. See the Computer Programing section for more. Also, the Address Book and Friend Codes are (still) on their way! Also, I've been living it up at Camp Hyrule this week. It was...

Posted by Yeah, it's me. @ 12/27/2005 07:42 PM GMT-8
If you examine my life, you could say that I have nothing else to ask for and that I should already be content. But you know what? A simple happy life is not what GOD wants me to have. He's telling me that there's more. He can give me more! Through the lives of my friends, He's telling me to do...

Posted by alif on the net @ 11/09/2006 05:03 PM GMT7
Query 'Unik' di MS Access
Baru sadar, ternyata di MS Access query 'unik' seperti ini bisa dilakukan:SELECT   Issuer,   Sum(IIF(TrxType='B', Nominal, 0)) as TotalBuy,   Sum(IIF(TrxType='S', Nominal, 0)) as TotalSell,   TotalBuy-TotalSell as AvailableToSell FROM BondTrx WHERE   Amendment = 'N' GROUP...

Posted by dimensions @ 11/06/2006 12:00 AM GMT8
Anti-matter speculation
Is it possible... if you think about it... that some galaxies may be antimatter galaxies... If you just think of why there are "bubbles" of space between galaxies... why the universe has a foam-like structure... it might actually be due to annihilation of matter-antimatter components... leaving...

Posted by JavascriptLibrary @ 10/14/2006 08:21 AM GMT0
PNG Tranperancy Fix using Javascript
MSIE has a problem dealing with tranperance PNG images and someone decided to make a Javascript fix for it. How brilliant however sadly, I don't understand single thing in the JS codes. It's too high tech. Download pngfix.js and insert it in the <head>: Correctly handle PNG transparency...

Posted by lilik Apriliawati @ 10/13/2006 05:22 PM GMT7
Keindahan hakiki
tes 1111

Posted by NetBSD Blog @ 08/01/2006 09:35 PM GMT1
vim, RegExes und backreferencing
Bisher habe ich elaboriertere RegExes nur in Perl eingesetzt, manchmal auch in sed. In vim hingegen eher nur kleinere Sachen. Jetzt hatte ich eine Liste der Art:Chapter_1.txtChapter_10.tx tChapter_11.txtChapter_2.txtCh apter_20.txtChapter_3.txtDamit das ganze ordentlich sortiert wird, müssen...

Posted by Joshua @ 07/30/2006 07:54 PM GMT-5
so its driving me crazy...  i jsut want to be with her, and i know we cant get married right now, but i just want to be with her.  i hate having to take her home at night when i long for her to be next to me.  i hate only being able to see her when her mom says she can.  she is...

Posted by Dzigns Web @ 04/07/2006 01:11 PM GMT-8
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For a complete list of articles, visit D.zigns Articles Here is another article by me: Effective Web Design by: Tasneem Rangoonwala D.zigns dzignerwebs The Basics Before starting on how to design a website effectively, how about clearing some basic web design concepts? Designing...


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