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Posted by Ryans' Blog @ 11/21/2003 01:55 AM GMT-8
Look at these guys!!!
They were waiting for us.... Too Much you think???

Posted by A-FightSceneV2 @ 11/17/2003 05:15 PM GMT-6
I Have An Excuse I SWEAR!
Ok. I didn't update BECAUSE of the fact I had to parties I had two attend this weekend! So you can't pin me for that. Heres how they went. First I went to my friend alex's party on friday...We played putput golf...need I say more? Well we also played some arcade games were we went and racked up...

Posted by Preciuos @ 11/10/2003 07:27 AM GMT11

Posted by Tadeo @ 11/07/2003 08:32 AM GMT11
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Posted by farahliciously me @ 11/05/2003 03:34 PM GMT-5
hectic-licious week
okay first time blogging.. hehe.. well today i just handed in my take home exam.. which i think i did pretty badly.. man, im flunking real big time this semester.. why is EE so hard.. i mean learning it is okay but the exams are just such pain in the as*.. gosh!!! tonite i have to study for...

Posted by chaos_chaos @ 11/01/2003 08:11 PM GMT6
tOdaE's bUsinESS
hmmm, wat can i sae.... todae im damn suai.... haix.... i also duno y.... in the morning i forgot abt todae's social studies test den i abt 7a.m. den i wake up manx... so idiotic.... lucky it ish my mum who remembered and woke me up in the nick of time...... and i did wateva business i had to do...

Posted by Tadeo @ 11/01/2003 12:18 PM GMT4
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Posted by My ramblings @ 09/30/2003 01:33 AM GMT-5
My reason why...
      I just got done watching the season premiere of Third Watch and I would like to give my answer to a question that was asked by a character on the show.    & nbsp;In the show, this lady's husband, who is a New York fire fighter, was severley burned in...

Posted by LoVeLyOnE16 @ 09/26/2003 01:16 PM GMT-5
Well just sittin at home cus there aint no school.... man i dont know no more... ive been thinkin a lot lately about me and jamie... all this shit tht happened durnin the summer and shit... seein new bois at school made me think... should i stay with him or break up with him... i dont wanna break...

Posted by StoRy Of A mAt @ 09/16/2003 12:54 AM GMT7
ByE GuYs !?!
I tried blogging juz now earlier in the afternn but i hav no idea wat to write.. So tot of bloggin at the nite but now i'm juz so sleepy.. So i'll juz make it sweet and simple.. Juz wanna say i had a blast these past few weeks.. It's been a pleasure knowing all of u guys.. Will miss all of ya.. But...


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