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Posted by Endes' Domain @ 01/09/2004 08:05 AM GMT-8
Finding Nemo Test
What Finding Nemo Character are You? brought to you by Quizilla

Posted by pureballer @ 01/07/2004 01:26 AM GMT6
music of the moment- Tupac- Life goes on ahh...3.20am. nothing much that i can do. surfing..surfing and surfing. i have no idea where's my gurl. how's she doin? dunno...dunno. i really wanna sleep but i drink too much pepsi blue. roomate ikhwan bought one bottle (1.5L) pepsi blue. so, dok...

Posted by Keith's Blog @ 12/30/2003 03:45 PM GMT-5
Get Ready...
OK, so I have finally erected a Blog, or weblog. If you don't already know, the objective is to display teen life through the eyes of a pyro-geek. Maybe others will notice that being a geek is not all that bad, and they will become geeks to. The I can recruit a nation of geeks that will battle...

Posted by Just Another Kid @ 12/28/2003 04:16 PM GMT-8
What is your name?: Josh Are you named after anyone?: I dunno What's your screename?: anaheimangel14 Would you name a child of yours after you?: maybe If you were born a member of the opposite sex what would your name be?: I have no idea If you could switch names with a...

Posted by UNpLugGeD @ 12/14/2003 03:39 PM GMT6.5
right.. 2nd day.. haix... sianz man... want to start hw.. but lazy... dun tink i can complete mi hw liaoz lahz.... was blasting music juz now.. connected to mi dad's hi-fi set.. lolx... later neighbours complain arh.. =P trying to change the outlook of this blog now.. will blog later at nite.. so...

Posted by welcome @ 12/11/2003 05:32 PM GMT-8
Book !!!
Whiiit, its me and i jus remembered i had a site, mintit, im living the aftermath of my 17th with 2 oz at my house and a massive hotbox, it was well fun an now chris and i have set about writin a story about the gommie charecters that live in our head, i can tell the more we smoke, the more our...

Posted by ..:: kaze ::.. @ 12/08/2003 10:55 PM GMT7
Hari Ini
hari ini byk yg terduga.. pa yg terjadi mmg tak dirancang.. :-)

Posted by The 3rd Floor @ 12/06/2003 02:42 PM GMT-5
DisorderRatingParanoid:LowSchi zoid:ModerateSchizotypal:LowAn tisocial:LowBorderline:LowHist rionic:LowNarcissistic:Moderat eAvoidant:LowDependent:Moderat eObsessive-Compulsive:Moderate -- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

Posted by DoomsDay @ 12/01/2003 08:51 AM GMT-6
Mall time woot!!
Hehe well its time for the mall today! Be there all day again.....Then after that ill prolly go to gregs and play some video games there if I can get a hold of him! And ashley is going today woot! oh yea! neways she called at 6:58! yea kinda early eh....Oh well lol at least she got me up if not I...

Posted by kallehpook @ 11/24/2003 12:11 PM GMT3.5
khoob baroobachs dige inam az weblog man too in site mitoonid texte hamye ahanghaye khareji ro peyda konid.


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