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Posted by pasu @ 03/12/2004 04:43 PM GMT5.5
வுறு˘& #3000; ஙுழூ& #2991;Đ ழுஹண& #3010;ˇநு ¦வுகூ ˘நு˘ணூ Đ

Posted by Security Digest @ 02/20/2004 09:45 PM GMT10
General Security Concepts
Now as I start reading the first chapter of my primary book and then finding extra material on the internet or on other books I have allready started to see different point of views between different authors.Chapter 1. General Security ConceptsInformation Security includes three main areas:-1....

Posted by ian's blogggg @ 02/18/2004 12:17 AM GMT-5
i took a survey :)
Basics Name – Ian Benjamin Pearce Mother - Marcy Father – Charles III Siblings – Sisters- Rebecca Brother- Dilyone Birthday – day after april fools Sign – ? ßthe “I have no clue” sign School – ‘stogafuck Location – beer wine Sex – IM A DUDE!! LAAAA!!! Eyes – blue-sa :) Hair –...

Posted by JustinJPG @ 01/28/2004 06:52 PM GMT-8
OK! Now I am pissed! I just typed up a whole thing and what happened! I had to click CTRL-V and it pasted some shit and than.. Yeah whole entry got deleted. Well, it sucked! My Job is really making me hate old people! They are rude assholes!! Don't they realized they are being rude?! Tonight was...

Posted by Pozdravljeni! @ 01/27/2004 07:33 PM GMT1
Kako spremeniti "proxy" nastavitve? (Internet Explorer)
V času poseganja slovenske oblasti v osnovne državljanske pravice pri aferi se je na veliko govorilo o t.i. proxy strežnikih in kako preko njih lahko pridemo do seznamov Udbe. Inšpektor se je odločil, da izda odločbo, ki bo ponudnikom dostopnih internetnih storitev (SiOL, Arnes…)...

Posted by Darkness @ 01/26/2004 12:05 AM GMT-5
Sunday Nights .
I hate sunday nights because I know that I have another week of school and work ahead of me.  It always seems the same, I'm tired but I know that the sooner I go to sleep the sooner I get up and the sooner I get up the sooner I have to go to school.  It's a never ending loop of...

Posted by moonlightsonata19 @ 01/23/2004 07:38 PM GMT-8
wat happened wen i fell asleep
 awww MEOW!!! comp key...cardella wasnt there...thank GOD!!! come and join the blog __~SHCP~*diversed*+linchtable +__ gelene, jared, and I wrote a limerick...well not dun yet!!..thank god gelene is in our group cuz wit only me and jared's minds, it wont work...i'll tell u dat!!! we had a...

Posted by LoT clan home @ 01/17/2004 10:49 PM GMT12
Legends of Twilight
Legends of Twilight Welcome to the New LoT site, we will be still editing the site and updating it each week. Please visit our clan Forum and say "Hello" or if u have any problems with the site, you can also request to join LoT on the forum at the Joining section. Enjoy your stay here,...

Posted by joshnely_109 @ 01/14/2004 12:34 PM GMT-8
the day nisi call me
my i CAME HOME AND get a call and it nisi the one that left to pr and i am sad about it but i wiil get over it she was a good friend. i was alwaz there for her. bc she ben throught alot f thing be all i got to say is i love u as a friend

Posted by Zac's Blog @ 01/14/2004 03:19 PM GMT-5
Read In
Song-The Chemical Brothers, The TestHeyhey today I learned i will do the morning news at school tomarrow!!!! YAY!!! I also had a read in Well cyaZac


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