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Posted by Somaliland News @ 10/20/2004 08:39 AM GMT-5
17 October 2004 ee shuhadada SNM iyo Khudbadii Muj. Xasan Ciise Jaamac ka jeediyey fagaaraha khayriyada Hargeysa.
17 October 2004 ee shuhadada SNM iyo Khudbadii Muj. Xasan Ciise Jaamac ka jeediyey fagaaraha khayriyada Hargeysa. Hargeysa (Jam)- Xaflad ballaadhan oo loogu dabaaldegayey Xuska Maalinta Shuhadada halgankii SNM ee 17-kii Oktoobar, ayaa shalay lagu qabtay Fagaaraha Khayriyadda ee Magaalada...

Posted by MOS SQUAD @ 08/17/2004 09:25 AM GMT-8
As our Clan is excess of over 40 members, there must now be room for a special group (under 8 persons) to take essental control of the clan and have over 500 access.  If you are one of the lucky ones, your name will be in the member list.  Please use the aol messager to the left to...

Posted by Crazy Life @ 05/19/2004 08:32 AM GMT-5
Crazy Dream
This morning I had the most unusual dream... I dreamed that I was gaining a strange ability to see into a 'paralell world' version of earth. I was looking at a wire fence when the white plastic threaded through it, to fill in the space between the wires, flickered red and white, as if I was...

Posted by mikecar52 @ 04/20/2004 03:17 PM GMT9.5
Some web pages load to 38% but fail on home network
I am running a peer to peer home network. A p3 667 compaq desktop connected to internet running w2kpro with 2 laptop wireless clients. 1 on xppro other on w2kpro. My wife and I found we were getting some pages not loading. After searching the web for hours I found the answer on...

Posted by CandyLand @ 04/17/2004 11:31 AM GMT-6

Posted by My Times @ 04/15/2004 05:55 PM GMT-4
Where have the days gone?
I wish I had the dicipline to talk to you more often than I do, but alas I do not.  Fear not, however, for I have things for you today. My love and I have had a bit of a blip on our radars, that blip being a breakup that lasted about 4 hours.  It was kindof agonizing, but we got over...

Posted by Colt's Blog @ 04/08/2004 01:32 AM GMT-6
web'mail at
they have web'mail at at: http://webmail.northeastnet.n et/horde/ the Goodwill Baptist Church site at /Messages.cfm?GroupId=PB006GI0 &UCD=pb3

Posted by The Dark Side @ 04/03/2004 02:33 PM GMT-5
Hey, why not?
Hey. It's been a long time since I posted here. Not much has gone on in the last few months or so. We went to states in Om. We lost. Like we knew we would. Umm, I got a computer in my room but it has no internet. (that sucks). One thing has remained the same, and it's been this way for the last 9...

Posted by SPACE WORLD @ 03/18/2004 07:00 PM GMT-8

Posted by pasu @ 03/12/2004 04:43 PM GMT5.5
வுறு& #3000; ஙுழூ& #2991; ழுஹண& #3010;நு வுகூ நுணூ


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