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Posted by flavert-tutorials @ 10/02/2005 01:13 PM GMT8
tutorial series #2 - using loadmovie function
before start the tutorial, download the documentation and files HERE picture...

Posted by Invalid Zucchini @ 06/11/2005 12:21 AM GMT-5
My last blog entry....
Well. it seems now that blogs have lost their meaning completely. Blog: a place to privately let off steam and have only your buddies read it and comment and have a whole web of connections. tell me.....does it seem fair to punish someone for their own thoughts? if swearing is just a manifest...

Posted by Hybrid Cult @ 05/03/2005 07:17 PM GMT-6
que te importa
que ondaaaa! mndiga loca cara de perro

Posted by Somalilandnews @ 01/15/2005 12:51 AM GMT-5
Let Somalis go back home Somali leaders came to Nairobi with the sole intention of being assisted to form a government, which they had not had for more than a decade.  Yet even after their President was appointed and the subsequent formaton of the Cabinet, they are apparently not ready...

Posted by Droplets of Me @ 01/03/2005 11:35 PM GMT-6
So I hear I've changed. I don't feel changed, at all. I only feel changed in the fact that I'm more nice, less bitter, and actually care about people....If thats a negative change, so be it...I dont need those people who call them selves my "friends". IF they can't accept that I've changed for the...

Posted by Eyrn Skvs @ 12/06/2004 04:44 AM GMT-8
Jeeeeefffff! :)
Bin a breyta um stl........... ...san er komin n!!! Tjekki v!!!

Posted by aaron @ 11/15/2004 06:16 PM GMT8
Hahaha i was stumbled in2 this forum as i remember Moi said tat being a female is not tat good.. LoLX.. There you go, maybe this forum will change ya mind.... oopz.. hahaha actually..quite fasinatin g.. How true the forum is?...(Very Very True)  Hope ya get to see...

Posted by notebook @ 11/12/2004 05:46 PM GMT7
Sale: Laptop 2nd
IBM Thinkpad T21 (P3-800MHz, DVDROM Drive Internal Swap, FDD Internal Swap, RAM 256MB, Harddisk 20GB, Infrared, LAN 10/100mbps, Fax Modem 56Kbps, Ada USB, Layar 14.1" TFT, Perkiraan Berat 2,1-2,4kg, Dimensi fisik 304x250x33,1mm, Baterai Oke, Include Tas) Keyboard Layout: UK Discounted...

Posted by Daikenkai @ 11/03/2004 08:52 PM GMT-6
Wow, I completely forgot I had this thing. A lot has changed since my last message. I've all but retired from DDR since then. I play when I get a chance, but I rarely do anymore. Since conquering DDR I've devoted a lot of my gaming time to fighting games, and have become almost unstoppable in...

Posted by Psi @ 10/30/2004 11:52 AM GMT-8
Ert dravinur?
105 manns voru komnir saman til a hla or mn fyrir utan andiri menntasklanns Egilstum. Veri var frbrt, en a var slskn og frekar heitt veri. Nemendur voru flestir lttklddir eftir veri og g var a einnig. Bi var a sma lti svi svo g gti s yfir hpinn mean g...


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