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Posted by mattheus @ 02/08/2007 02:12 PM GMT2
A biologist, a statistician, a mathematician and a computer scientist are on a photo-safari in Africa. As they're driving along the savannah in their jeep, they stop and scout the horizon with their binoculars. The biologist: "Look! A herd of zebras! And there's a white zebra! ...

Posted by tang @ 11/09/2006 09:33 PM GMT4
  i know this is kind of weird for you guys who are not so much into celebrities but i just have to say my piece here. have you ever been hooked up to somebody who you've never known personally??? well yeah, i have. i'm into Bianca G. lately. i haven't seen her in boobtube for 2 days nows and i...

Posted by Windows TidBits @ 07/10/2006 07:51 AM GMT-5
Did my absence cause your heart to grow fonder?  I doubt it... Anyway, since I haven't posted here for a long time, I figured I would get right to it...Fancy your own neon sign avatar?  This and many more useless graphics are available on Glass Giant.  Mostly used by the teenage...

Posted by dugongsenyum @ 05/05/2006 04:04 PM GMT7
Rahsia Kertas Puteh
Hari ini tapi minggu lepas. Dihulurkannya aku sebungkus roti. Aku ambillah. "Saya belanja kamu, tadi Kak Suseela sudah ambil juga." Pada aku ada tiga potong roti. Aku agak pasti roti ini  asalnya sebuku besar, dipotong-potong setebal 1 inci, menjadi beberapa keping. Aku dapat 3 keping....

Posted by quicktech @ 04/19/2006 12:34 AM GMT8
quicktech created
Launched tonight!

Posted by jiaying @ 03/16/2006 10:34 AM GMT8
AlWaYs LoVe U~
This romeo is bleeding But you can't see his blood It's nothing but some feelings That this old dog kicked up It's been raining since you left me Now I'm drowning in the flood You see I've always been a fighter But without you I give up Now I can't sing a love song Like the way it's meant to be...

Posted by The Sparksmith @ 03/05/2006 04:20 PM GMT-5
well Erik finaly found agirl
well i finnaly found a girl its been like what sooo long but ya i found a girl . Her name is Ashley she is fuckign awesome wish i woulda met her sooner. she and I have soo much in common i met her online but meh she lives not too far away from my buddies appt. when im with her i feel awesome its...

Posted by Peoplesuck @ 02/04/2006 08:06 PM GMT-5
Be careful, girl!
 In spite of the unsurmountable feeling of happiness I know to be careful.  Little things he says and does tell me to keep my distance.  I know if I get too close I'll be setting myself up to be hurt and that's the last thing I want.  Just little things like all the emails...

Posted by protoNium's Blog @ 11/07/2005 05:14 PM GMT8
main main ngan Google Earth, cari rumah..
hahaha hari ni boring skit.. projek blum siap lagi,, tgh duk buat projek pasal planet² pada sistem solar... sambil² tu duk main ngan GoogleEarth ni, duk cari rumah sewa aku.. hahaha ni dia rumah sewa aku (old flat / flat ikan, upm) : Kalo nak tgk dgn GoogleEarth, download file...

Posted by krillmeed @ 10/14/2005 01:38 PM GMT1
Update a busy few months
As stated on the main page, it has been a very busy few months. Especially the forum part of the site. Due to the popularity of the forum i have split it up into 3 sections, each having its own site and admin team. First the Star Trek forum, which with the best Admin team of XX Wilson and Mriana,...


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