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Posted by Linex rules! @ 03/21/2005 03:11 PM GMT1
Tras mucho reflexionar, se acercan cambios varios.Para empezar cambio a una pagina de blogs que ofrece RSS, casi obligada hoy en dia gracias a FireFox y tremendamente util, el nuevo blog lo teneis aqui:Nevat Nohara BlogDejare este blog tal y como esta, las nuevas entradas iran en el de...

Posted by tokjanggut @ 03/06/2005 01:20 PM GMT8
Scomi Group Berhad: Malaysia’s new ‘hungry ghost’
Scomi Group Berhad first hit the radar screens when it became known that one of its subsidiaries, Scomi Precision Engineering Sdn Bhd (Scope), was being investigated by both the Malaysian and international police with regards to its links with a Dubai-based Sri Lanka businessman, BSA Tahir, over...

Posted by AstroGurl @ 12/08/2004 03:03 PM GMT-6
who wants to apply in a call center in ortigas?
we are looking for : email me your resume: [email][/em ail] short listed candidates need not apply this is located within the Ortigas area, very prominent and well established call center. Customer Support Representatives(3 Openings)Qualifications:· College Graduate·...

Posted by kursor @ 08/12/2004 04:34 PM GMT-4
   Sun Microsystems, creador en desarrollos con tecnología Java, reafirmó su compromiso en la comunidad de códigos abiertos al notificar la apertura del código fuente para el Proyecto Looking Glass y la tecnología Java 3D. Esta contribución abre paso a un nuevo estado evolutivo en la...

Posted by Take On The Web @ 05/31/2004 02:09 AM GMT1
<b>::Important! We are moving!::</b>
Hey folks,we are moving to a new place! Wanna come with me and play? My new blog is now located at my new shiny website: m.Okay, okay, it still looks like shit, but I am working on that. Still some coding to do, but with the work on my house and several side-projects...

Posted by mikecar52 @ 04/20/2004 03:17 PM GMT9.5
Some web pages load to 38% but fail on home network
I am running a peer to peer home network. A p3 667 compaq desktop connected to internet running w2kpro with 2 laptop wireless clients. 1 on xppro other on w2kpro. My wife and I found we were getting some pages not loading. After searching the web for hours I found the answer on...

Posted by baud123's weblog @ 03/18/2004 10:49 AM GMT1
linux' advantages
TCO - IBM initiative to move to linux desktop oftwaretopics/os/linux/story/0 ,10801,91301,00.html Microsoft may reduce licenses costs due to linux oftware/windows/0,39020396,391 46640,00.htm

Posted by 1dookieblog @ 03/04/2004 10:03 AM GMT-6
This oh so lovely morning all the way from town
My night in town was a bust, my cousin split the scene, left me there with a bunch of griese monkey's partying in the house next door, I had to pack my switchblade in my hand ready for anything to happen, they seen me cutting some meat with it and left well enuff alone, I locked the door and...

Posted by I stand alone @ 02/19/2004 04:47 AM GMT-6
Turning this blog over to my best friend Tamra
I've got bigger fish to fry, I sent Tamra a email invite to blog here, when she creates her user whatever, she'll see that I abandoned ship, she might or might not take over the reigns and make this thing bullet proof, that remains to be seen, well, my breakerbox is flashing sparks-BYE.

Posted by AajTech @ 02/15/2004 12:03 AM GMT5.5
Hari and his friends
Hello *, It was good to see Hari after a long time. And hope he had a good time in B'lore. The Mysoor trip: We had been to Mysore. It was a good drive. Decided suddenly at around 8:00 PM. Thats our usual time.... And then we got the camera loaded and took off to Vijayanagar side....


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