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Posted by The road of life @ 07/31/2016 11:34 PM GMT-8
the hummus and chips
Hummus is such a great snack. Or if I’m being honest, hummus and crackers has been my dinner on many of those ‘too tired to cook’ nights.It’s also a great appetizer to set out at parties. Everyone loves hummus and people seem to gravitate toward the hummus and chips.I love Mexican food and...

Posted by The young years @ 05/24/2016 01:36 AM GMT-8
Black Forest Cake
Finally after 3 months I am able again to post new recipes. During this time I have suffered several hackers attacks, had to change servers twice, and have despaired many times. To you, hacker, all I have to say is that I hope you step on a lego. Barefoot.Although I have not been able to share...

Posted by lggvistaspecs @ 04/06/2015 10:30 PM GMT-8
LG G Vista Specs and Features
Defending your mobile phone is no different than protecting any other investment, specifically if this investment will be going everywhere that you simply go. Because of this, cellular phones are often put in harms way. Luckily, you will find many different ways in which a client can safeguard...

Posted by my home @ 09/26/2014 08:13 PM GMT-8
How to maintain Sand equipment
SBM Ltd believes that customers not only want to learn how to use the sand making machine, more importantly, we have to learn how to maintain the sand making equipment. Sand equipment complex internal structure, and is widely used for the hardness of the stones can be very high-intensity crushed...

Posted by .tebabo mine blog @ 08/28/2012 06:04 PM GMT7
Nak tahu masalah terbesar manusia? Masalah yg terbesar bagi setiap manusia adalah keikhlasan (ikhlas) Tak bergunalah manusia menyembah-Nya jika tiada dlm keihkhlasan dlm hatinya Tiada gunanya kalau beribadat sekadar untuk menunjuk kepada kawan2 / org sekelilingnya Bila kita...

Posted by Sense of Darkness @ 07/04/2010 03:18 PM GMT2
what i like to do, if i can't sleep, is read a good book; fall in love with one of the characters; then continue the story afterward in a dream.

Posted by nonsensepoetry @ 10/09/2008 05:07 PM GMT0
Poisoned Apple

Posted by N3T @ 05/12/2008 04:03 PM GMT7
Berperang di Dusun Ali King
Latihan Gerila Bukit Idan bagi menuntut  kemerdekaan kampung cemomoi daripada cengkaman menteri besar Pahang , telah berjaya dijalankan di sebuah dusun durian dan dusun manggis di daerah Gombak. Sebanyak 15 gerilla dan gurillas (gerila pompuan) telah berkumpul untuk sesi tempur yang...

Posted by adinda @ 01/30/2008 10:59 PM GMT8
Feeling Fat
I'm feeling fat. Rite now I'm really really really feel FAT!!~ Am thinking that lately my body just feel like out of shape. I should take up jogging. I used to go to gym few weeks back. But now am getting busy and a lot more things to do at the office so i don't have a chance to drop by. I try...

Posted by kura2 @ 02/28/2007 10:28 AM GMT7
New House not for sale
Coming sweet home...


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