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Posted by JO2GO44 @ 12/07/2003 09:17 PM GMT-6
haha just another manic monday... thats my fun day... my i don't have to run day... lol yeah even though it isnt monday now is it? TOMORROW is THOUGH! and im going to the doctors around 11:36, right after 4th hour so that i can get my legs checked out. "Hey can i borrow your library card, cuz I...

Posted by ~*KrYsTaL LiTe*~ @ 12/01/2003 10:00 PM GMT-5
Where's Mady? SiMS SiTE!
Where's Mady? I miss her like... WHOA! I can never talk to her. Hope she's doing okay :). Kate and I made a Sims site. Go visit Simalicious Lots! Its almost finished. Sandel and I are going to repair Lucky 34. Its going to have a new name and EVERYTHING! Well I gotta go <3. Lylas Mady :).

Posted by Hang Time @ 11/29/2003 11:14 AM GMT-8
The Start of the Quest
The Gods I was sat inside my small cottage when I heard a voice behind me. I turned round and saw a faint figure sat there. It spoke and said, " is now time for your powers to come into use. You have to save the world. It will be invaded by mini Graham Nortons and you have to...

Posted by masterdome @ 11/12/2003 11:03 PM GMT-8
What is your favorite dog
What is your favorite dog, why? Tell us about this type of dog

Posted by leomatic @ 11/01/2003 07:45 PM GMT-8
So today, my mom and I went out to eat and coincidentally, my estranged aunt was eating at the same place, so she decided to surprise me and my mom. I had no idea who she was, because I was probably in diapers when I last met her. So her and my mom chatted a while and she mentioned that my dad's...

Posted by dancer @ 10/09/2003 10:47 PM GMT-5
baseball rox!
so i'm watchin the baseball game, and i realized baseball guys are so much cuter than basketball guys. deep thought, whatever. g2g ttyl!

Posted by Morcalon-Seaheart @ 09/17/2003 12:09 AM GMT-7
Music: She Is Beautiful - Andrew W.K. - Freaky Friday Soundtrack (get it, it's great!)Mood: Sorta tickedWell, I had an entry all ready to go with a whole bunch of spiffy/stupid quizzes, but then I accidentally kicked the switch on the comp's surge protector, turning me poor eMac off! grr! Ah well,...


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