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Posted by Stupid Nits!!!!! @ 06/17/2007 10:59 PM GMT-6
holy shit
holy shit man.... this was forever ago. cant believe how i used to be...shit happens though i reckon. although...macs are still the shit and ill probably get one for college.. haha. i love reading through these old entries... im not going to lie. there wont be a next time on here. life goes on......

Posted by worldthruyoureyes @ 03/15/2007 09:45 AM GMT-8
In the light

Posted by Madsen @ 08/16/2005 04:08 PM GMT-8
Temporary blog
Hi there Well, someone got access to my database and deleted most of it...I do have a backup so the damage is minor. Anyway...the case has been handed over to the right people so they'll take it from here :-) A new and fresh blog will be up in a couple of days :-) Laters...

Posted by Nathan's Page @ 04/21/2005 03:24 PM GMT-6
New Blog
      Go to my new blog!

Posted by My Hellmouth @ 04/05/2005 09:07 AM GMT-5
ye ol' ball and chain
Hi muffins! Doing ok today. Feeling kind of sick, but haning in there. Contemplating cancelling class today (one perk of being the professor!!) So my sweetie and I are going to make it official next week - April 13th. We are going to the local JP and going to make honest people out of...

Posted by iKonnoisseur @ 03/16/2005 05:25 PM GMT5.5
Extremely sorry for the delay again! Lots of catching up to do….and so less time to do it in…story of my life! Anyways, Firstly, check out Brij’s link blog if you haven’t already. He’s been active when I wasn’t, and has a lot to offer… (I especially liked the Doom 3 mod link.) Then I missed...

Posted by whichicken? @ 03/06/2005 01:30 PM GMT1
And not only that...
but I could walk. I could walk like never before. Tall. On the wild side. On by.This way. Never alone. From one Woolworths to the next through the wondrous spaces of time and energy searching, searching for the last, ultimate Woolworths where the answer would lie to the great riddle in the sky. I...

Posted by apple+shift+n @ 11/04/2004 06:46 PM GMT8
Lady In Red
Muan 11/04"ngey! terno pa damit naten.. "'eh... kaw e,by Chris de BurghI've never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight I've never seen you shine so bright I've never seen so many men ask you if you wanted to dance They're looking for a little romance, given half a chance I have never seen...

Posted by Snapout Diary @ 07/10/2004 11:56 PM GMT9
Let me see.
I am learning Rapid Speed Reading. There are many training oppotunities in the world, for example, photo reading. I just bought the photo reading training kit. But such kind of self training is difficult to be completed. Usualy joining such actual shool trainng does works better. Right now I am in...

Posted by O.C.SUCKS @ 06/08/2004 09:04 PM GMT-5
New dates for summer shows.. New Location.
Hello & Welcome to the site. Ive been receiving a lot of emails from bands who want to play and Ive been telling them I havent gotten any summer dates as of yet. However, I can say that the AOH is pretty much booked and then closed for the rest of the summer for us after our June 19th show....


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