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Posted by TwixXxy @ 10/21/2003 08:52 PM GMT-5
It's 3 AM...
So its not really three.  It's more like 9ish.  But still.... Today I finally realized, that it was me that was supposed to walk away from that relationship with nothing.  Today, he who shall remain nameless, for the sheer hell that I know he is going to read this, well I'll call him...

Posted by Pathompol @ 10/19/2003 08:09 AM GMT7
libgladesharp and Gtk.Image
It seem to be a problem when I use libgladesharpI cann't get the Gtk.Image work anyway , so I tryto code whole application from scratch no moreusing glade-2This morning I fetch mcs,mono,gtk-sharp fromcvs to try libgladesharp again stay tune!!!

Posted by Gollums Gone Mad @ 10/07/2003 08:01 PM GMT10
Frozen Water
Walking through the streetsOf this frozen water zoneNever to to trust againFriend you are a jokeLife an unwelcome audianceThe more I try to liveMore I realise its notworth the pain it causesSO I ramble on

Posted by /dev/null @ 09/29/2003 01:18 PM GMT-6
Des Cartes
Today has been such a beautiful day outside.  Gentle cool breeze paired with the sun shining upon me. The thought of Renee Descartes quote: "cogito ergo sum" fills me with a transcending feeling of joy.  It truly is a pity that I am just one of those people stuck in a cubicle... absurd...

Posted by dos the destroyer @ 09/25/2003 05:30 AM GMT-5
when I said BLOCK 135 in / out that seems to make an assumption that should not be true for a good fw the FW is configured with an ACCEPT ALL ruleset BADDDDD When I say block, I am including the Deny All rule.  That statement was mainly meant for ppl on a segment where a multi-honed...

Posted by Eminemily @ 09/21/2003 09:42 PM GMT-6
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
i don't particular like eggs, but i must addmit that this is, somewhat, a sad nursery rhyme.


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